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Aside from a happy baby, a clean baby is the very next thing everyone notices. The character and cleanliness of your children is often what you as a mother are “judged” for. However, we all know that keeping your baby smelling fresh can be a difficult chore when spit-up and stinky diapers are a regular occurrence. Lil’O’Blossoms products leave your child clean and smelling fresh and clean long after bath time!


“Mother’s Best Friend”

In Africa, the oil from a natural Moringa Tree is known as, ” Mother’s Best Friend” because it contains over 46 protective antioxidants and is rich in both vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. Lorie Collins, founder of Lil’O’Blossoms, decided to create a line of bath and body care in which all have Moringa oil as the main ingredient! 


Moringa oil soothes sensitive, irritated skin yet is a natural cleanser that leaves no oily residue behind! It conditions both the skin and hair. As a natural antiseptic, it helps to relieve inflammation. 

Lil’O’Blossoms Beauty Care Line


Gentle Shampoo

  • cleans hair well
  • makes hair strong and healthy
  • provides a natural shine without looking oily
  • soothe’s scalp with calming chamomile and honey

Detangling Conditioner

  • lightweight detangler leaves body but keeps tangles away
  • non-greasy
  • Moringa Oil and Jojoba strengthens fragile hair
  • Mango Fruit Extract leaves a beautiful shine

Fresh Body Wash

  • Kiwi Fruit Extract protects skin
  • Apple amino acid proteins and honey lock in moisture
  • Calming Chamomile soothes irritated skin


Silky Body Lotion 

  • Hydrate your baby’s skin 
  • fast absorbing
  • Soothing Jojoba and Aloe Vera make baby’s skin glowing

Lil’O’Blossoms Diaper Care


Daily Protection Diaper Balm

  • creates an instant protective barrier from wetness
  • can be used with every diaper change

Rescue Diaper Cream

  • Moringa Oil
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Protects and heals

Mama & Me Lip Balm Duo

Being a mother to a little girl has been so incredibly different than all the years of being a mother to 2 boys! Anytime I am fixing my hair or putting on makeup, she is right there beside me asking a million questions. One of the questions is always, “Can I put on makeup?” I daily tell her no, until Lil’O’Blossoms lip care came in the mail. Now, as I apply my tinted sheer pink lip balm, she can apply her clear vanilla scented lip balm to moisturize her lips AND feel like Mommy! How fun?! 


My Thoughts on Lil’O’Blossoms

When your daughter has hair down to her waist, finding the right kind of shampoo and conditioners are very important! After washing and conditioning her hair, we dried it and combed through it just like after every bath. However, the comb goes through MUCH easier after using the detangler conditioner. 


The soft, flower scent of the Lil’O’Blossoms products stays much longer than other hair care and body care products I have tried in the past! I firmly believe that computers should come with a scratch and sniff button. I guess you will just have to order and try it for yourself!

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