Lazy Mom’s – Two Words That Don’t Mix

Lazy Mom’s Day?!

Today is officially National Lazy Mom’s Day! HA! Those words just do NOT go together in my book. You might have found a way to master being lazy and being a mom but I have yet to find a way for those two worlds to collide! If you have found a way, please shed some light for me… I’m all ears!

lazy mom's

Between errands, running kids to and from school, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, blogging, teen activities (my husband is a youth pastor), homework, church, and now soccer practices and games, I am on the go NON STOP. Oh, occasionally sleeping is on my list but when you have kids and a busy life, sleep doesn’t happen too much. Typically I sleep for around five hours a night. Now that I’ve stressed you out reading about my busy schedule, you can take a deep breath and relax. I am no different than you. I am SURE your schedule is just as crazy, if not crazier, than mine! That’s OKAY! It is all part of being a mom.

One day, our babies will no longer be babies. Well, mine aren’t babies anymore (my youngest is now four), but let me stay living in denial! HA! To think that I have less than four years before my oldest graduates is INSANE to think about… he can’t be that old! I want to be as active of a mom NOW as I can be. Child rearing days fly by. They will be long gone before you know it! Hold on mamma and just enjoy the craziness!


I may not be able to be lazy TODAY as I have some work to do, a house to clean, a church to clean, children to get to and from school, a soccer game (if the rain holds off), and several errands to run. BUT TODAY, I already took a little longer shower, I plan to sip my coffee a little slower, and submerge in a bubble bath sometime this evening. Take some YOU time throughout the day to celebrate National “Lazy” Mom’s Day!

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One thought on “Lazy Mom’s – Two Words That Don’t Mix

  1. It may feel like a roller coaster ride now, but enjoy the ride. Like you mentioned they grow up fast! Take a bit of time to listen to the laughter, the noise. Mine are grown I have a bit more time now but miss the hustle and bustle.
    Tired? Yes for sure , but they are blessings.

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