We Now Have a Kindergarten Graduate

It Wasn’t Easy But We Officially Have a Kindergarten Graduate

For those who follow my blog pretty closely, you will know we have a sweet little six-year-old. We had the privilege to be her foster parents from the time she was 19 months old until we became her official parents in February of 2017. It hasn’t always been an easy process but OH, SO REWARDING! You can read her story HERE.

kindergarten graduate

She is my little helper, my snuggler, and my little ray of sunshine. Despite how naturally she has learned so quickly how to sweep the house, empty the dishwasher and even fold clothes, she has had some struggles along the way, too.

After a few months of kindergarten, I remember going to her teacher extremely discouraged because she “just wasn’t getting it”. I felt like I didn’t know how to help her learn. Every day came with excessive tears because she didn’t understand how to sound her words out. She cried on a daily basis over her homework. It wasn’t that she didn’t like homework… she WAS excited over the worksheets and stuff. The reading, a totally different story. It just wasn’t clicking.

kindergarten graduate

My aunt had told me, give her time. My aunt was a junior high English teacher for years. I tried to listen but in my heart, I just knew we would be repeating kindergarten. Guess what, her teacher, my aunt, and many others were right when they said, “give her time”. By the end of the year, she was making great strides.

She still struggles some but as quickly as it started clicking, I am hoping that by the end of the summer, she will be ahead of where she needs to be when starting first grade. We now have a kindergarten graduate!!! If you child isn’t quite learning as quickly as your other children (or even other children in their class), be patient, keep working with them, and wait for the day that it clicks! 

kindergarten graduate

We had to get her something extra special for a graduation gift. She worked so hard to overcome her struggles. She deserved something special!! She is crazy over unicorns, I mean CRAZY! She also loves to write now that she is learning how to spell! Yay! So, what better than a stationary set… a UNICORN stationary set!? All of it inside a Thirty-One Thermal Tote. She is ready for summer and even a step ahead with a lunch box for first grade!

kindergarten graduate

About the Unique Unicorns Writing Super Set by Ooly

The Unique Unicorns Writing Super Set gift set is a pre-wrapped wonder that includes anything a unicorn loving artist would want to express their creativity Includes: 3D Colorables Magical Unicorn, Unique Unicorn Strawberry Scented Erasers, Unique Unicorns Pocket Pal Journals (set of 8), Unique Unicorns Stationery Kit (21 piece set), Unique Unicorn graphite pencils (set of 6), 2 Unique Unicorns 6-Click Multi-Color pen and one Mighty Pencil Sharpener. 

unicorn stationary

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