Kids Valentine Gifts – Our Top Picks

Kids Valentine Gifts

Our little loves shouldn’t be left out this Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to go overboard for Valentine’s Day but the simple fact that you recognize that your child is not forgotten on such a special day will go a long way. Did your parents give you a Valentine gift? What was your favorite Valentine Gift as a child? Here are a few of our favorite Valentine gifts for kids!

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Sleep ZZZ Pillows

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My daughter, as you can see, absolutely LOVES her Sleep ZZZ Pillow. We haven’t gone a night without it since she received it! The Sleep ZZZ Pillow is the newest pillow created by the makers of ABC’s Shark Tank, Twin Z Pillow. It is the first of its kind and we are loving it! Made for ages three and up, the pillow provides children with a hug all night long which in turn offers a better night’s sleep for them (and for you, mom and dad!)! Your kids will feel loved and you will love the benefits that will come with the pillow!

i-Top by Goliath Games

valentine gifts

Another one of our family favorites is the new i-Top game from Goliath Games. Made for ages 7 and up (but enjoyed by even my 5-year-old), the i-Top game is a competitive game that can be used for personal competition during individual play or can be used to challenge a friend (or a sibling… or even a parent in our case). See who can get the highest number of spins. No need to use a stopwatch on this top, the i-Top uses smart technology to track the number of spins. LEDs light up a display to let you know the highest score, the last score, and the current number of spins as the top is in motion. Unlock hidden features by spinning the top an exact number of spins to show special animations, or challenge your friend to a high score. This top will top off your child’s Valentine’s Day!

Stay tuned for some more gift ideas and make sure you check out our Valentine Gift Ideas for your spouse… or your “other half”, HERE!

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14 thoughts on “Kids Valentine Gifts – Our Top Picks

  1. That was so cute, kids will ready get giddy when they knew about this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That top looks really fun. There’s a reason that some toys never go out of style. Tops are one of those things you can stare at for hours.

  3. That pillow look like very comfy to use. Valentines Day is for everyone even for kids. Love this gift ideas!

  4. That Sleep-ZZZ pillow is adorable! My niece would love that pillow and I think I would as well!

  5. I haven’t shopped yet for my kids and would love to get them the pillow. My girls love snuggling and their cozy beds. Thanks for sharing – I wasn’t familiar with these.

  6. This game looks so fun! We do family game night every week, and my kids would love this.

  7. Sleep ZZZ Pillows is something that my kids would really love since they really like to sleep all the time lo. I’ll have to look into this.

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