Juneberry Bags are Versatile and Stylish

 Find your “pursonality” with Juneberry!

Written by Beth

So, I made a confession here about my son’s obsession.  Sorry B! 🙂  I guess it’s only fitting that I admit one of my biggest weaknesses.  My name is Beth and I’m addicted to cute bags.  There.  I said it.  Juneberry Bags has some of the cutest most versatile bags I have had in a very long time!

About Junberry Bags:

Juneberry Bags were created by Natalie Goodale, a purse designer and artist in Western Massachusetts. Natalie has always adored creating things and is thrilled that her passion for artistic design and versatility have come together in this fun new handbag. Natalie has created the patented functionality and also designs all the covers for Juneberry Bags.


Check back often to see new cover patterns and additional features that allow everyone to find a way to express themselves with a Juneberry Bag!

Juneberry bags

These bags are fun-omenol!  There are so many patterns available that I truly had a hard time choosing one.  I finally landed on “Navy Stripe” and “Trees Please”.  I really can not even pick a fave between the two.  Both covers are super stylish (my 9-year-old going on 19 -LOVES them as well and “called it” as soon as she saw them – NOT happening – these are mamas!). 

Juneberry Bags

The super cute covers are just the icing on the cake with these bags though.  The cover can EASILY be changed out to match whatever outfit you are wearing without having to change purses.  Simply unzip the cover and zip the new one on to completely change the look of the bag.  Easy as 1-2-3!

Bags for her

Another great feature of the Juneberry Bags is the fact that you can use ONE bag in three different ways.  You don’t have to choose between crossbody, backpack, or standard shoulder straps anymore.  One Juneberry Bag can easily transform into all three with ease!

Go here and check out all of the options Juneberry Bags has, there’s a style and color for everyone! 

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