Ja-Vie Shoes Support Your Feet With Fashion #Review

Ja-Vie Shoes Comfort You Can Feel Without Sacrificing Style

I am totally dating myself by talking about this, but who remembers jelly shoes?! I used to LOVE those things! They were so much fun. Well, I guess I HAVE to be a little more grown up acting AND looking… SO, get this, now I have an upgraded, ADULT version of jelly shoes! Ja-Vie Shoes are comfortable, stylish and the outsides are just like jelly shoes! 

Ja-Vie Shoes

FLATS… Just What I Need!

About 6 weeks ago, I had ankle surgery. So…. heels will be out of sight for a pretty long time! I was looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that weren’t too casual but weren’t too dressy. I ran across Ja-Vie shoes and thought, “FLAT SHOES, WITH COMFORT AND STYLE, PERFECT!”. I have tried a slew of different kinds of flat shoes and I always felt like I could feel every single piece of grass under my feet! Not with Ja-Vie!

Ja-Vie Shoes

Ja-Vie Shoes Cushioned Insoles

Ja-Vie Shoes have so much padding on the inside in JUST the right spots to make SURE they are a comfortable fit! It is seriously like walking with pillows inside your shoes while still  giving your ankles, feet and back a break from the strain that heels put on your body! PLUS, they even sell replacement insoles in case you wear yours out!!

Ja-Vie Shoes

Ja-Vie Shoes Grip on the bottom of the shoe!

My Choice

I had a really hard time deciding which color/style shoes I wanted to get. I wound up getting the Indigo Stripes Flats.

Ja-Vie Shoes

About Ja-Vie Shoes

So here is the deal, Ja-Vie shoes have jelly outsoles that are lightweight, flexible, and slip resistant (OBVIOUSLY, I need the slip resistant shoes considering the reason I had surgery was from falling).

Then, there is a 100% breathable cotton lining under the outsole! Of course, one of my favorite features is the leather cushioned insoles that REALLY support the arch of my foot!

Ja-Vie Shoes

On top of all of that, you can throw the shoes in the washing machine! WHAT?! Yes, I am serious!! Just take out the leather insoles and throw them in! I am a BIG fan of anything machine washable!!

Check out the many styles Ja-Vie has to offer!

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