It’s Monday……It’s Ok To Say NO!

Oh… hey, Monday. It’s a bad time, come back later?

written by guest Madison Straight

Mondays, are my busy day. I’m off from my paying job but it’s the busiest of my wife and dog mom days. Errands. Cleaning. Bills. And LOADS of coffee. It’s overwhelming and I don’t always get everything accomplished. But I’m in a season of life that I’m learning the importance of taking one thing at a time. I’m learning to tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t get everything done in one day. I’m learning it’s ok to say, “NO.”


Just because someone is finally free to hang out or there’s an extra thing you could do because there’s nothing in your schedule for that two hours, doesn’t mean YOU have to pick it up or forfeit your time of rest and recuperation. It’s okay to stay home and allow your boy and mind to relax without stressing over all the things. It’s okay to have “me” time.  

So today. On this Monday. I believe in you. Don’t say yes to everything because you’re afraid of what they’ll think if you say no. Don’t beat yourself up if you decide to stay home and not go out. Don’t shame yourself for sitting in the presence of our Father when you could be doing 10 more productive things. There is nothing more productive than focusing your eyes on Jesus, sitting in His presence, and allowing Him to max out your schedule all while sitting still. Let’s show Monday who’s really the boss!

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