It only takes a moment to make a moment.

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Hold on hon…
I’ll be there in a minute…
Not right now…
Go ask your brother to help you…


How many times have my kids heard these and other variations of me saying the same thing – I don’t have time for you right now.

Now I’m going to go ahead and put this disclaimer right here because I’m a mama and I know exactly what you’re thinking – “not another post telling me I’m failing”. .. sigh. No mama I’m not pointing fingers because I am the chief “hang on just another sec” sayer (errr…sayer is a word, right?). However, I’ve been trying to pay attention to when I use the mama’s too busy right now tone, and my stars – I use it ALOT Y’all.

I’m not here to say we should all quit our jobs and devote 100# of our time to making sure our kids are happy, that’s a fantastic way to raise spoiled brats. I am, however, here to say maybe what we’re doing isn’t really that important in the scope of our 5-year-olds life… our attention span is a tad bit longer than our kids (or at least I hope so.).

My 11-year-old came to me last night with something on his mind. I was busy. I asked him to hang on. It was like a minute and a half and I was back to him. He couldn’t remember what he was going to tell me. I lost that moment. I’ve lost many others. But… I’m not going to continue losing the most precious thing I have – moments with my babies.

I have determined.

My kids are more important than my phone

My kids are more important than my job.

My kids are more important than my computer.

My kids are more important than my friends.

My kids are more important (dare I say at the risk of being harshly judged) than my church.

None of the things listed above are “evil” or bad, however, my duty to them pales in comparison to my duty to my family.

More times than not my agenda won’t be shattered by simply pausing to listen to the heart of the most amazing kids I know.

I choose my kids. Every time. No apologies.


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