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Mix It Up With Made To Be Customizable Shoes

Do you have a daughter like mine who is crazy over shoes?! When she was first placed in our home, she HATED any shoes. Now, she has turned into a little diva who changes shoes on an hour by hour basis! These Customizable Shoes from Made To Be are right up her alley! They are far from traditional!

Customizable Shoes

Why Consider Made To Be Customizable Shoes?

Shoes can be boring. Why does everyone have five or more pairs of shoes?! Well, one pair of shoes will not typically match every single outfit you wear unless you always wear the same clothing… I sure HOPE that is not the case! Now your child can have one pair of shoes used for many outfits! Made To Be gives your child a sense of style and individuality, all while pumping up those creative juices!

About Made To Be Shoes

Made To Be offers a handful of different style shoes (high top, low top, or dress shoes). By selecting specific colors and adding embellishments on the shoes, it creates a whole new look. The same shoe can match a wider selection of clothing simply by changing up the Em-be accessories (basically embellishments for the shoes). 

Customizable Shoes

The best part for us parents is that every style Made To Be shoes are slip on style shoes. No more worrying about having to tie or untie your child’s shoes every time they take them on or off!

Customizable Shoes

How It Works

  1. Start by picking out the style shoe you like most
  2. Select the color you like best for that style
  3. Choose a FREE set of Em-be’s
  4. Add any additional Em-be’s you would like!

Customizable Shoes

My Thoughts

Children especially, love to mix things up. My daughter just loves to be unique in her styles. With Made To Be Shoes, she can explore her creative side and decide for herself what Em-be’s will look best with the outfit she is wearing. At age four, in her eyes, the bolder the fashion statement the better! Made To Be allows her to be bold or tone it down depending on where we are going. 

Customizable Shoes

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