Instax Mini 9 Captures Memories For Years to Come

 Instax Mini 9 – Nostalgia Meets Technology at Hammacher Schlemmer

Yes, I am an 80’s kids! I still think our generation was the greatest! From the A-team to Nintendo, Gi-Joe to Saved by the Bell, we had the best of the best! And that is without even mentioning our phenomenal hairdos and clothing… ok, maybe some things are better left in the past:) At least when the kids bring out the old photo albums our big hair, painted splattered overalls, and MC Hammer pants bring out the best eye-rolls and belly laughs that money can buy!

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Long before the creation of digital cameras and cell phones that allow us to have a camera with us practically all the time were two nearly forgotten ways of capturing our priceless moments in time. First was the old film. I hated that stuff! You never knew how the shot turned out, it was miserable waiting days or weeks to get your film developed, and God help you if it accidentally saw the light! Not to mention the times even with the best of intentions those little rolls sat in a drawer for weeks months or years only to never be developed or leave us wondering what was on them sometime later.

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The other classic was the instant film camera. While the film was certainly a little more pricey, you were the coolest kid on the block if you had one of these cameras! Point, press a button, and with a flash you have a picture coming out. While it would still take a couple of minutes to fully develop, it was the coolest way of catching the moments for us 80’s kids! And as far as quality, no one really cared because we were just happy to have our photos saved forever without a quick run to the nearest film developer!

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Fast Forward 30 Years

Boy has times changed, especially when it comes to technology. While now every phone, mp3, and tablet have cameras with far better clarity than we could have imagined back then, we have also sacrificed one thing; real photos. A quick glance at my camera roll on my phone recess I currently have over 4,000 photos on my phone! Yes, 4,000! But do you know how many of those I have hard copies of? Zero, zilch! In the event that I ever drop, drown, or lose my phone, I really hope my backup works as well as advertised!

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About the FUJIFILM instax mini 9

The FUJIFILM instax mini 9 combined the best of both generations! With great features such as a brightness adjustment that helps ensure the best lighting for your photos, a close up lens attachment that allows shooting only 35 cm away, or a selfie mirror next to the lens to guarantee that perfect pose and smile for the all-important selfies, the instax mini 9 makes picture taking efficient and easy even for the beginner!

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Beyond all the tech stuff, my favorite feature hands down is the throwback to the days of press a button and presto, there is your hard copy of a photo! That’s right, whether horizontal or vertical the instax mini 9 provides credit card size photos instantly!

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In addition, these cameras are fairly lightweight and are available in 5 different colors. Whether cobalt blue, smoky white, ice blue, flamingo pink or lime green, the FUJIFILM instax mini 9 is sure to meet your style and personality!

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So give a little piece of nostalgia to your loved one this Christmas. Give them a gift that will make them smile, keep on giving, and literally freeze memorable moments in time forever!

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  1. One of my daughters had received one of these as a gift a couple of years ago, and she loves it , the only complaint is that the film is costly.

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