Inspiring My Children’s Future Career by Visiting Sea World, Orlando

Child’s Future Career Dreams Heightened at Sea World

As parents, one of the greatest jobs is to help our children grow into successful adults. Yes, the “right now” is important in keeping them safe and alive but the ultimate goal is for the tiny people in our homes to become responsible, independent adults who have a purpose. Finding what they love, educating them, and encouraging to focus on a future career that they will have a sincere passion doing, will make them much more successful in life. So many people assume that a career is all about the money. If you are doing what you love and have a genuine passion for it, you will find yourself far more happy which, in turn, leads to great successes!

future career

Since my (now eleven-year-old) son was about five years old, he has had a very set goal for his future career. He wants to join the Marines and then go into something pertaining to marine life. He is still a little indecisive of what specifically he wants to do with marine animals which is why my husband and I try hard to expose him to any and all types of marine career experiences.

When we started planning our trip to Florida, I knew we HAD to go to Sea World. Sea World is the ultimate dream for a child like mine who loves anything and everything dealing with marine life (and even those just seeking a fun-filled day)!

future career

I don’t believe in forcing your kids to take ONE path in their life. I know that a child can change their decision on what they want to be when they grow up a million times before they reach college age. Typically, their interests, though, stay fairly the same. My son has always had an amazement for anything living in the water. He educates himself by reading books on marine life, watching educational videos on TV and YouTube, and engaging himself with any and all hands-on opportunities. 

future career

Sea World Animals

Between watching the killer whales and the beauty they bestow to their audience, watching the passion of the dolphin trainers, or seeing the bond between the trainers and the sea lions, my son (and the rest of us) were in awe of the relationships between trainers and animals.

future career

My son’s passion for wanting to work with these amazing animals heightened while watching the absolutely amazing shows at Sea World!

future career

Sea World Exhibits

Aside from the many shows available, we also had the chance to take a closer look at the many other sea animals. Exhibits were located throughout the park containing everything from different types of fish, turtles, sea lions, stingrays, and so much more.

future career

Not only could they look at the animals but they could read about them and even talk to the different trainers and experts that were available for questions. 

future career

Sea World Rides

Although my son was very interested in the shows, the hands-on experiences with animals, and the observation of all of the sea life, the rides were just icing on the cake! Sea World was not crowded the day we went, so we were able to do just about everything.

future career

We could have spent all week there, to be honest! My boys rode all of the roller coasters. They even rode Manta seven times back to back due to low lines! They would get on, ride, get off, and get right back in line! 

future career

Mako, Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and the longest ride was the very first roller coaster on the list of “Must Do’s”. If you love roller coasters, you have to go to Sea World and hop on Mako! 

future career

My daughter had fun riding with her big brothers on the Shamu Express. She felt like big stuff and her brothers treated her like a queen bringing her from one ride to the next in Shamu’s Happy Harbour. I loved watching the three of them bond even more at Sea World. Sea World has a place focused on the younger children to make sure they can enjoy a few of their own “thrill rides” that are safe for their ages. 

future career

My boys are dying the go back to ride the new Infinity Falls. Infinity Falls is a whitewater style experience combined with a ride! It will have the tallest drop of its kind!! Sounds like so much fun!

future career

Life can’t ALL be about our future career… making time to do some stuff that is just plain FUN is equally important. Making happy memories to last a lifetime brings families together for more than just the “right now”.

future career

Sea World combined fun and education making it a perfect day for all of us. Seeing all the animals my son loves, educating himself even more, and getting to ride thrill rides was a completely dynamic day for him!

future career

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11 thoughts on “Inspiring My Children’s Future Career by Visiting Sea World, Orlando

  1. I have been to Sea World Orlando a few times! It is definitely a great place to take your kids! I love that it combines fun and learning. 🙂

  2. I have been to Orlando Sea World and really loved it, also went to Sea world in Tx and really had fun when my daughter was younger.

  3. i have never on any sea world but always wanted take our family..beatiful pictures

  4. That looks like so much fun. We’re planning a trip to Orlando this summer and we’ll have to make sure we spend at least a day at SeaWorld – I think my kids will really enjoy it.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Sea World. When my family goes to Florida to visit my grandma this year we’ll need to finally go!

  6. Sea World is the best vacation for kids. I still remember visiting there when I was young.It is very educational

  7. Sea World is awesome. So much to see, learn and do for all of us. Great family vacation. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. My son is fascinated with sea creatures, so I would really love for us to visit here sometime!

  9. Sea World looks fabulous. Great place for adults and kids. I’d love to visit sometime..

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