I’m A Ghost – Hit Series “This Is US”

Millions of Viewers Watch This Is Us Each Week – Do You Relate?

Did you watch This Is Us tonight? I will admit, I am NOT a big TV watcher. Occasionally, I find a show that I really like. This Is Us has been one of those shows. I guess, maybe it is because I feel like I can relate a little to each of the characters for various reasons. Tonight, it was Rebecca. She spoke MY LIFE!

This Is Us

“I am a ghost!”

The scene where she said, “I am a ghost!”… everything she was saying I was thinking “That is totally how I feel most of the time!”. I am a stay at home mom of 3. Not all 3 are teens so we differ there, but all three of my children are pretty independent. My almost 4 year old still needs my help but not very often since she is in the “I can do it” phase!

The feeling like you have no true purpose to life… been there all too often! I mean, unless you count cooking and cleaning as “purpose” BUT neither of those give a lasting feeling of self-worth. The food is gone in a matter of 10-15 minutes after everyone sits down. The house is a mess within SECONDS of cleaning. So, most of the time I am left feeling like I have done NOTHING worth while all day long! I feel like all my hard work goes unnoticed.

This Is UsTo be honest, way too often the thought crosses my mind “I wish I could do something to make a difference!” I’m exhausted, I feel like if I hear “Mom!’ one more time I might lose it, I get overwhelmed about the constant pile of laundry and dishes piling high. 

Being a stay at home mom is the most gratifying experience yet the most lonely, worthless place. If you are a stay at home mom, I am sure you can relate! How can it be so filling yet so empty feeling? Because the world puts a picture in our mind that in order to BE someone, you HAVE to DO something that can be seen instantly. 

Parenting isn’t instant.

It takes years to see the product of all your hard work. Sure, I see my kids hold a door for someone, give their favorite belonging to someone who needs it more, get straight A’s on their report card, work hard on the job, and on and on. Those are all things that each and every day, my goal has been to teach my children. All those little teachable moments, all the time invested when you could be doing something else, all the tantrums and discipline DO pay off…. but not instantly. Leaving YOU, mom, exhausted and feeling like your life is pretty much a big waste. 

This Is Us

Just wait, those babies you invested your life into will one day be adults. They will be the ones who carry on our light one day. All those moments will pay off! It just takes time. So be patient (hardest thing for me to do) and know YOU ARE NOT A GHOST! You child’s future employers will see your efforts, their husband or wife will one day be thankful for that “little boy or girl” you raised, and then their children will reap all the benefits of the time and energy you are putting forth now!

Keep it up mom, you are doing a good job!

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