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I See Me Easter Book and Bunny Makes a GREAT Easter Basket Gift Option

Easter candy in your child’s Easter basket is a tradition but I See Me Personalized Books has a lasting, HEALTHY alternative addition to your child’s Easter basket this year!

Easter Basket

Easter Baskets

Candy will only last temporarily (except the sweet tooth that it helps create) but I See Me Personalized Books creates a more lasting option. Imagine your child Easter morning. They wake up to find the Easter Bunny left them a basket full of goodies. Tucked inside, they find a special Easter placemat they can use for their very special Easter meal! Also, they find a soft, sweet stuffed bunny!

Easter Basket

Then, they see the book that goes with it, My Snuggle Bunny with their very own name on and in it. Smiles fill the room as they look inside to find a photo of themselves and a whole story all about them and their new stuffed animal. That is a memory that will last a lifetime! Candy will be gone within a couple days (IF it lasts through Easter morning) but the book and bunny will be something they can continue to use for years to come!

Easter Basket

My Snuggle Bunny All-in-One Set

My Snuggle Bunny makes your child step into the story with their brand new snuggle bunny telling them 10 very special ways they love your child. Bunny walks your child through a day full of love. 

Written by award-winning author Maia Haag and illustrated by John Butler, this 8.5″x8.5″ hardcover book with 20 pages is sure to become a classic bedtime reading ritual.

The plush bunny will not be just a stuffed animal thrown to the side, it will become their best friend after reading the story! 

Egg-Cellent All-in-One Gift Set

Another option for your child’s Easter basket is the Egg-Cellent coloring and activity book, 18 stickers and placemat. If you would prefer not to go with an Easter theme, they have plenty other selections of personalized books, placemats, lunch boxes (OH, I LOVE THEIR LUNCH BOXES), coloring books and so much more!

Easter Basket

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