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Stuffed Animals, Books, and Songs by Huggable Melodies

As a mom, I know how hard it is to see my kid’s little hearts breaking from those tough situations every child faces. Hurt is inevitable. Explaining the realities of life and helping my children through such tough times is extremely important to me. Those teaching moments are what help to make them a better person. Huggable Melodies can help you approach and explain those tough situations!

Huggable Melodies

Huggable Melodies offers a variety of children’s books that use stories to teach valuable lessons, help a child understand their feelings as well as facts about sleep hygiene and sickness. Offering books with songs that coincide specifically with certain pages in each book, your child will start singing these catchy songs that will encourage them even when the books are back on the shelf! 

Huggable Melodies

Picked On Poindexter

Kids can be SO mean these days and it only seems to be getting worse! If your child is around other children (even some adults, to be honest), it won’t take long before someone says or does something that will hurt your child’s feelings.

Huggable Melodies

Picked on Poindexter uses a story line of a frog being picked on for looking different. Through the story, Poindexter and his friends are picked on. While Poindexter reaches out, he finds another friend! There are benefits to being kind. Your child will learn how to handle the “mean kids” and how to be kind to others.

Huggable Melodies

Sniffly Sandborn

Getting sick always seems to hit us at just the “right” times. Even for me, it doesn’t take long before I am feeling down about being sick. Especially when I realize that because of my sickness I will miss out on fun times.  

In Sniffly Sandborn, your child will read all about how Sandborn became sick and needed surgery right before his big birthday party. Even though he was in the hospital for his birthday, his friends came to visit bringing the birthday party to his hospital room.  

Huggable Melodies

This story will teach your child how sometimes life isn’t fair but it all works out in the end. They will also learn what happens (step by step) when someone has surgery. I know my little boy had his tonsils out when he was 4. I wish I had this book to help him better understand what to expect!

I also think this story teaches the importance of caring for others. Sandborn’s friends took the time to put together a birthday party for him because they knew how sad Sandborn was that he could not have the party his mom planned for him. Teaching your child to pay attention to what is important to others will help them so much in life!

Drowsy Drysdale

As a foster mom, this book may be my favorite. I have held little ones through the night that were in a brand new surrounding and struggling with intense fears! Drowsy Drysdale has just moved and is living in a new home. Each night, Drysdale has a difficult time sleeping. That is until he was given some tips on healthy bedtime habits. Help your child overcome their fear of the dark! 

Huggable Melodies

Huggable Melodies does a great job bringing life lessons to children, comforting their fears and teaching them how to be a better person. Your child will love the adorable illustrations, great stories, catchy songs and, of course, you can’t forget about the extra soft, snugly stuffed friend.

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