How To Plan An Extended Vacation In 2021 & Beyond

How To Plan An Extended Vacation In 2021 & Beyond

The travel industry was among the worst-hit ones amid the pandemic. Airlines went out of operations, and hotels were closed for months. Travel buffs couldn’t step out, and the longest stay at home took a toll on the mental wellness of Americans. Thankfully, the vaccines brought much-needed relief for the industry and travelers alike. As it becomes safe to step out, it is an ideal time to plan your next holiday. You will probably want an extended break this year to make up for the missed ones. Thankfully, you can explore the possibility as work from home continues to be a norm for most employers in the US. But an extended vacation requires good planning. Here are some tips you can follow to plan one in 2021 and beyond.

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Choose a safe destination

Even though the virus is under control, the last thing you should do is press a pause button on safety while traveling. An extended vacation requires you to be extra careful about choosing the destination as you will be there for longer. Check the current case counts at the destination online and skip if the numbers seem daunting. Also, go through the current travel guidelines and restrictions to choose wisely. 

Book Your Flight Using a Jet Card

A jet card is a pre-paid pass that allows you to access private jet services and fly as many times as you need within a certain period of time with the only limit being the number of hours on your jet card.

Jet cards were created as an alternative to jet membership programs, which involve fixed monthly or annual payments, low minimum-spend thresholds, and annual contract periods. Instead, jet cards allow you to pay as you go and jet when and where you need to.

With jet cards, prices vary according to the operator. The jet card allows for flexibility with no long-term commitment and can be canceled at any time. A jet card is much more cost-effective than jet membership programs and jet cards can be used with many different types of private jet operators. Jet cards give users the freedom to jet on an as-needed basis, without having to sign a long-term agreement.

Jet cards allow for numerous benefits such as:

  • No minimum spend threshold means you won’t have to spend thousands before you can jet
  • No long term commitments
  • Cancel at any time without incurring additional fees
  • One jet card is valid with many private jet operators
  • Allows for the purchase of only the hours you need. For example, if your jet card says it will cover 100 hours but you only want to use 50 over the next six months, you won’t be forced to jet anywhere you don’t need
  • Allow for flexibility on your jetting needs. For example, if you want to jet out of multiple airports instead of just one or want to jet at different hours of the day on separate trips, jet cards help with this flexibility
  • Access to jet aircraft on demand
  • Access to jet cards regardless of your credit score
  • Allows for more accurate budgeting and planning. You will know exactly what you can jet in a certain amount of time without getting a surprise bill at the end of the month/year if you go over jetting hours. This allows for better planning and more jetting hours for your money.
  • Can jet with different jet operators
  • A jet card can be used to jet on both private jet and commercial airlines

Jettly links you to a worldwide network of over 23,000 planes, allowing you to book on-demand flights at 8662 public airports across the world. The Jet Card program is for those who fly fewer than 1000 hours each year and want the same full-service, hands-off approach to charter flights that Jettly offers. It’s a choice for those who want a short-term contract with no deposit or simply prefer the convenience of a Jettly on-demand full-service charter flight.

Rework your budget

An extended break means you will need a bigger budget. You will have to spend more on lodging and meals, so start with a budget for the trip. Reworking your budget can help you plan a stress-free trip without worrying about money. For example, you can opt for a vacation rental rather than stay at a hotel to save money. You can find them at all the popular destinations in the country. For example, you can explore Ocean City rentals if you want to visit this area. You have to spend a fraction to reside in a safe property with minimal risk of the virus. 

Shop for discounts

Apart from reworking your budgets and looking for cheaper alternatives, you can also shop for discounts while booking extended vacations. It is easy to explore options online and compare deals and discounts. Shop around, and you can surely find a good one because competition is booming in post-pandemic hospitality markets. Discounts make extended stays fit into your wallet, so investing some extra effort in deal-hunting is worthwhile.

Look for apt amenities

If you want to holiday for a month or longer, you will expect relevant amenities at the place. You may have specific requirements like WiFi if you plan a work vacation, accessibility options like elevators, and a swimming pool for the kids. You may even require pet-friendly accommodation to ensure a safe and happy long break with your furry companion. Make sure you check the amenities before sealing the deal with the accommodation provider.

Besides holiday planning, you also need to make some arrangements back home when you leave for a long break. Consider hiring a house sitter if you can afford one. You may ask a friend or family member to take care of your pets, water the plants, receive deliveries, and check your mail. Once you sort out everything, you are all set for a dream vacation. 

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