How to Keep Children Entertained at a Wedding

Inviting children to a wedding can be a great idea. Their excitement and enthusiasm can create a great atmosphere on your big day, helping to put all your guests in good spirits. However, whilst children can add a very sweet touch to proceedings, they can also become bored throughout the day. Since this can cause stress and tension for parents, it makes sense to think ahead for ways to keep your younger guests entertained on your wedding day.

Keep Children Entertained at a Wedding

Garden games

For a Spring or Summer wedding, garden games are a great idea. Games like Jenga, Connect4, and giant dominoes are enjoyed by children of all ages. Simple kites, hula hoops, and skipping ropes are also great options. If you want to have garden games at your wedding, make sure you choose a venue with plenty of outdoor space. Crondon Park is the ideal choice for a wedding venue in Essex, with plenty of outside areas for children to play and have fun.

Arts and crafts corner

Kids love to get creative, so why not dedicate a small area of the venue to arts and crafts. On a table, place items such as crayons, colored paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, and play dough, allowing children to let their artistic talents out. Wedding-themed crafts such as designing a wedding dress, decorating a cake, or making DIY masks for the photobooth will keep kids busy for hours.


A magician is guaranteed to keep kids entertained as they watch in awe at their incredible magic tricks. Many magicians will also teach children to do their own tricks which they can then show off to their family members during the wedding. A magician is sure to raise the atmosphere in the room, keeping everyone in good spirits.

Face painting

More and more parents are choosing to hire face painters to keep children entertained at their weddings. Not only does it keep kids out of their parents’ hair on your wedding day, but they will be in their element as they run around looking like pirates, princesses, and tigers. What’s great is that adults can also join in if the mood takes them, bringing a lot of fun and laughter to the event!

A movie room

Many wedding venues will be happy to set a room aside where kids can watch a movie. You can take steps to make the room really cozy by adding comfy cushions, pillows, or beanbags. You could even treat them to little bags of popcorn to create a real cinema experience. Putting on a movie during quiet times such as during the photographs or later on in the evening before they go to bed can be a good idea.

Children can bring a really magical touch to your wedding day. However, since a wedding can be a lengthy affair sometimes lasting the whole day, it makes sense to plan how you will keep them entertained. Talk to our wedding planners at Crondon Park to start planning your perfect wedding.

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