How to Include Custom Neon Fixtures in Mid-Century Modern Space

Mid-century modern is a popular interior design aesthetic that is seeing a bit of a resurgence. It’s characterized by simple, functional furniture, muted tones, minimalist sensibility, and vibrant colors that were popular in homes in the 1940s through the 1960s.

Custom Neon Fixtures

Today, many ambitious interior designers choose to combine this classic style with more modern design elements. One popular way to do so is by incorporating neon fixtures. Here are a few tips for including custom neon fixtures in mid-century modern spaces.

Make Sure You Leave Enough Space for Custom Neon Fixtures

Custom neon fixtures come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you are planning on using a neon fixture in a mid-century modern space, it’s essential to leave plenty of room. The mid-century modern aesthetic is characterized by clean lines and open space. Therefore, too much overcrowding on the walls or open areas is not ideal.

It may be best to leave an entire wall or area open to accommodate the fixture if it’s large. Even if it’s small, you’ll want to avoid hanging too much too close to it or you’ll risk making the space look congested. 

Neon signs can look fantastic in any space. But they need the room to shine, or else they will clash with other design elements. Plus, you’ll want to make it easy to navigate and clean the room, especially if you have a housekeeper or a maid

Choose a Fixture that Makes Sense Thematically 

It’s important to choose a fixture and space that work well together thematically. Even if the space doesn’t have a specific theme, the fixture should make sense alongside the other design elements. Neon light fixtures have a tendency to attract the attention of everyone in the room, so you should be sure it makes sense in the space. 

For instance, a neon fixture depicting a shark, or a tropical fish would work perfectly in a room with an aquatic theme. But it may look strange in the kitchen. Or if the room doesn’t have a theme, but is meant for relaxation, an inspirational quote will work perfectly. A well-placed quote can be a great way to lift your spirits when you’re having a bad day. 

Custom Neon Fixtures

Go for Subtlety Over Extravagance

Mid-century modern design is characterized by minimalism and subtlety, so it’s essential that you find a neon fixture that is tasteful and understated. Complex fixtures with a variety of colors and shapes may not be best suited for a mid-century modern space. It will likely clash with the other design elements and seem out of place. So be sure to imagine how it would look in contrast with the other furniture and light fixtures

It’s best to choose a fixture that brings a bit of brightness and personality to the room but won’t seem distracting or gaudy. So, try to go with a neon fixture that is simple, tasteful, and lowkey. 

Get Creative When Choosing a Custom Neon Fixtures

Finally, the best piece of advice is to get creative. Neon fixtures offer endless possibilities and can be a fun addition to any room in your home. There are even options for eco-friendly and recycled light fixtures to fit with your style. But you need to get creative and think outside the box to find the right balance between taste and charm. 

Custom neon light fixtures are meant to stand out and convey an idea. So, you should decide what you want to say and find a design that brings it to life. As long as you pay attention to the other interior design elements, the only limit is your imagination. 

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