How to Hire Painters in Denver

How to Hire Painters in Denver

How much do you know about the City of Denver? Let’s share some fun facts.

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It is a populous and cosmopolitan area. Among many things, Its remarkable museum and natural landmarks boost the tourism industry there. For more about the peculiarities of Denver, Colorado, you can visit:

The cosmopolitan status of this city influences the corporate culture there. Given the large number of people who frequently troop into the location, the real estate market there is a big game.

As you would also expect, artisans such as painting contractors, interior decorators, HVAC services, and many more are in high demand. Many artisans and specialized contractors are also taking advantage of the situation to set up shop there.

Many of these professionals get the needed licensing and accreditation, but is that enough to trust what they have to offer?

We say a definite NO! In this article, we will discuss how you should go about getting the right painting contractor/service in Denver, Colorado. You still can learn one or two important things even if you are not a resident of this area. So, don’t be quick to go away.

Furthermore, we will discuss important subjects such as the advantage of hiring a painting contractor compared to handling the project yourself.

Who Is a Painting Contractor?

The layman is likely to think a painting contractor is simply a painter. Well, this is not entirely true. For one, anyone that can handle a brush and carry out some DIY painting can temporarily pass for a painter. However, the same cannot be said about a painting contractor.

Although a painting contractor’s job is essentially to paint, he can handle some related jobs. For instance, she/he practically understands how and when to apply different layers of paint coat, how to stain, when to suggest a pressure washing of old paint and many more.

In short, she/he is an expert who can better handle the painting job, offering your building the best look possible. This is one of the reasons you should be particular about hiring a painting contractor rather than painting the building yourself.

Talking about having a professional do the job for you, let us discuss some more about this in the next segment.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Painter?

There are many decisions people make in other to save costs. While the intent to be economical is good, somethings the decisions made as a result are not favorable.

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For the most part, one of such decisions is choosing to paint your residential or commercial building yourself.

Although painting seems easy, it takes performing the actual process to realize it is better to hand over the job to a capable professional. In light of this, let us see some reasons why you should not paint your space yourself.

Time Factor

You may not be able to figure out when you will finish the project except you are trained to do the job.

Also, your commitment to other schedules can affect your ability to finish the job on time. For this reason, you may want to consider allowing a professional to handle the project.

By so doing, you will have a definite idea of when the task will be completed, allowing you to make other plans. This is because the painting contractor is bent on satisfying you and will be eager to be true to his promise on when the job will be completed.

Quality Supplies and Products

Hiring a professional is not just about dealing with someone who can paint well. Some laymen are gifted in the art of painting very well. However, getting a good job done is more than this.

You need good products such as brushes, coats, tapings, among others. Frankly, this is what professionals offer. They do not only know how to paint well but also what works best for the job.

Because of the expertise, the painting contractor knows the products to go for, as well as those to avoid. In short, the professional’s ability to tell a great product from an average or bad one is one reason you should not hesitate in hiring a painting contractor.

A Definite Financial Estimate

As a novice, you are ignorant of a lot of things. One of such is how much the entire process will cost you. This is ironic considering how many people do their painting themselves to cut costs.

On the contrary, you get an upfront estimate when you hire a professional service to handle things for you. This way, you already know if you are prepared to go ahead with the project or wait till you can cover the cost.

This is important because painting is best when it is carried out at once. You do not want to paint a certain part and wait a long period before dealing with other parts.

The Best Hands for the Job

It is quite easy to figure out that painting contractors are the best option for your painting job. It is for this reason that home renovators do not take their services for granted. When there is a remodelling or renovation task that requires painting, you should not take chances by doing it yourself.

Just save yourself the trial and error by getting a professional on board. This way, you are certain that someone up to the task is handling the project.

A Painting Contractor has Experience

It is a proven fact that people get better at certain things with time. As they practice, they learn the ropes and are able to avoid certain mistakes they made earlier on.

This is the advantage of hiring a capable painting contractor. Considering that s/he has experience in the business, you are involved with someone that knows how to handle your project well.

Except you are more particular about improving your painting skills and not getting a great result, you can do the project yourself.

Tips on Hiring a Good Painter

We mentioned earlier how many painting contractors are buying into the corporate prospects in Denver. Just so you know, the same applies to many other parts of the country and world at large.

Because of the massive number of painting contractors that are in existence, you should be particular about getting a capable one at the very least.

For this reason, we have listed some of the things you should look out for before getting anyone on board. Some of these tips require that you ask direct questions that will help you identify a good professional.

Licensed for Operation

In Colorado, some licensing requirements are expected to be met by these contractors. As a result, you should be certain that any service you eventually opt for has this.

This is to ensure that the company is not cutting corners and that you are protected in case of any breach of the contractual agreement. For this reason, you should make it a major requirement.

Referral, Good Reviews from Clients and Credible Sites

So many average and bad services are great at pulling publicity stunts. As a result, you will be making the wrong move if you simply judge by what you see on their web pages. For this reason, you should carry out a proper investigation of what the company can offer.

To do this, ask around for reviews about them from previous clients. Because this can be difficult to achieve, a simple way to go about this is to check credible review sites. For information on one of such, you can check here.

Proven Years of Experience 

There is nothing wrong with hiring a startup company. However, you stand a better chance of hiring a capable hand if the contractor has years of experience. By years of experience, we do not mean donkey years; 4 years is enough for them to learn the ropes.

So, if you need certainty about the contractor’s ability to deliver reasonably, you may want to insist on dealing with those with experience in the business. However, this should not be your major requirement.

Impressive Portfolio

You should ask for a comprehensive portfolio when you come in contact with these services. This is a detailed list of previous jobs handled by the company.

This is important as it helps you decide if the company can deliver to your taste and satisfaction. When going through the portfolio, be particular about checking out jobs that are similar to yours. This is the closest way to know whether the contractor can handle the project.

Ability to Carry Out a Wide Range of Services Effectively

A professional that can handle a wide range of jobs related to painting is an added advantage. This way, you do not need to worry about getting another contractor to handle related tasks.

For instance, the team you hire should be able to handle all manner of commercial, interior, and exterior painting. Knowledge gained from doing exterior painting can be very helpful for interior painting. This is why you should not take this for granted.

Good Customer Service Culture 

A good customer service relationship is the first way to tell the service has your interest at heart. So, do not play down the importance of this.

You should watch out for how they handle you from the very first moment you place a call and proceed to ask for a quote.


Even if you found the service online, there will eventually be the need to get them physically to see and begin work on your project. So, you should ensure that they have a corporate presence in or around the location where you are situated.

For example, those in Denver should seek a company that has a good corporate presence in places like Aurora, Lakewood, Westminster, Thornton, Littleton, and a few others.

Prompt Delivery

Hey! Punctuality is the soul of every business. When searching for reviews, be particular about what people have to say about their keeping to deadlines. You need a service that honors its word in this regard.

Good Rating from Oversight Bodies

There are oversight bodies that rate these services depending on the location. They use certain yardsticks to grade how efficient their service is and make their reviews known to the general public.

For such services in Denver, Colorado, one of such oversight body is the Better Business Bureau accreditation. You may want to stick to house painters that are accredited by this body and have an A rating.

On a Final Note

Painting is an essential part of home renovation services. For this reason, you should go all out to hire the best hands for the job.

To help you through this process, we have discussed some tips that will help you find capable painting contractors. Also, we have discussed why you should not do the project on your own.

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