How To Express Gratitude To Someone? 

Gratitude is a self-promotional exercise; grateful people are more likely to respond with gratitude to a broader range of scenarios and recognize the goodwill of others. If we work to incorporate gratitude into our daily lives, it can have a long-term positive impact. 

Express Gratitude

It creates a positive, self-renewing feedback loop: the more gratitude we show, the higher our subjective well-being and resistance to negativity, and the more grateful we are likely to be.  

Consider a time when you expressed your appreciation to someone for their assistance, support, or simply being in your life. 

How did that experience make you and that other person feel?  

Or perhaps you can recall a time when someone gave you something that you didn’t buy or ask for – just as a token of their appreciation? Didn’t it feel pretty good? 

How do you feel when you think about expressing gratitude and thanks? Humiliated? Weird? You are not by yourself. For some, expressing gratitude is difficult, even to those who mean the most to us. But, whether it’s a friend, teacher, or parent, expressing gratitude can significantly impact both parties.  

When expressing gratitude, the simplest gestures can say a lot. We all have people in our lives who inspired us and generally make our lives better just by being there; in this article, we will look at ways to express gratitude to those who deserve to hear it. 

Compose a Letter or Note of Thanks  

Spend some time reflecting on what you value most about your friends, teachers, or parents, and then write a letter expressing your feelings. While acknowledging your gratitude is essential – just writing it down is enough to make you feel warm inside – reading the letter aloud is far more valuable. 

Maybe writing a full gratitude letter is too big of a first step for you; that’s fine! Instead, why not send a thank you note in a handcrafted note or thoughtfully chosen gratitude cards? While writing thank you notes is a lost art, it is a genuine expression of gratitude that takes almost no time. 

Say them Aloud!  

Words are powerful, and they are the simplest and most direct way to express gratitude to those we may take for granted. Given the proximity, expressing your appreciation verbally in person is effective – if you cannot do it in person or make the phone call and make someone’s day. 

Creatively Express your Gratitude. 

We can’t all be gifted artists, but it’s the thought and effort that counts. Homemade gifts are often the most meaningful; a little bit of creativity goes a long way.  

Give a Token of Appreciation 

When selecting a gift for the express purpose of expressing gratitude, choose meaningful over monetary value. Gratitude is a gift in itself, but giving a thoughtful, personal gift that can be kept, displayed, and treasured is something truly unique.  

Pay a Gratitude Visit 

While expressing gratitude in person may be difficult for some, simply going out of your way to tell people how much they mean to you is enough for everyone to reap the benefits. If you cannot pay a visit in person for some reason, send a personalized video message instead.  

Inquire How They Are (and pay attention to their response!) 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed; the simple act of actively listening to your loved ones can be an effective way to show them how much you appreciate them. So put your phone down, pay attention, and let them lead the conversation. 

Offer to Help 

Most people dislike having to rely on others for assistance. However, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tasks on your to-do list. Put yourself in the shoes of someone else because we all feel this way. Inquire if there is anything you can do to assist – and promise to follow up on your offer if accepted. 

Get Some Flowers and Give Them to a Friend 

A colorful bouquet is a cheerful way to express your appreciation. It’s not called “Thank You” bouquets for nothing. You, however, don’t have to break the bank to show someone how much you care. Instead, take some blooms from your garden and give them to a friend who deserves them. Their grateful smile will say it all. 

Bring them Lunch 

Meal preparation is often regarded as a dreaded chore, especially overworked and chronically stressed. But, don’t you know someone who would be ecstatic if you surprised them with a delicious lunch? Maybe it’s a neighbor, a coworker, a friend, or a loved one who could use a little help, which you can easily provide with a cheap lunch. What an excellent way to express your appreciation for everything this person means to you!  

Make a Scrapbook of your Gratitude  

If you’re wondering how to show your appreciation for a teacher, try making your scrapbook or, even better, enlist the help of your entire class; each student can add a page of gratitude and then put it all together in a book. Make one for a friend or your parents and fill it with photos of special occasions over the years. 


Remember, genuine gratitude does not leave you feeling as if you owe others something; after all, if you do someone a favor, you probably don’t want the person to feel as if you expect something in return. Instead, it’s mostly about feeling good and creating a positive cycle of gratitude. 

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