How to Clean DVDs and CDs Easily in Minutes

 Clean DVDs Without a Problem

Do you have DVDs that are not put back in the proper case? Then because they are left outside the case, sticky, little fingerprints wind up all over them making them stick to other DVDs and unable to play in the DVD player? ME, TOO! It aggravates the snot out of me but seems to be a pretty common experience most parents encounter. I have the perfect solution on how to easily clean DVDs. It may not prevent the dirt but it will take it away!

clean DVDs

How to Clean DVDs Using the Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner

I have been pulling out all of our DVDs that need cleaning to place in the Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner. In a matter of just eight minutes, the dirty residue left on our DVDs is removed without cleating any scratches or use of liquid cleaners, just plain (hot) tap water inside the Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner. 

clean DVDs

The LifeBasis Ultrasonic Cleaner utilizes the high frequency of ultrasound to create movement in liquids that removes contaminants from the surface of the device.

Once you retrieve the clean DVDs from the ultrasonic cleaner, just pat dry them with a soft cloth. The cleaner does not remove scratches but it will prevent you from creating scratches since you are not having to scrub the dirt off the DVD. 

clean DVDs

About the Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner

There are multiple cleaners to choose from mostly depending on the size of the items you plan to clean. If you are looking to clean small items such as rings and bracelets, a smaller tank size would work. If you would like to have the ability to clean DVDs and watches, a larger tank (850 ML tank) like the one I have would be best. In my Ultrasonic Cleaner, I can even clean the crevices in my glasses! I haven’t been able to get the cracks cleaned since I bought my glasses! It was easy with the Ultrasonic Cleaner by Life Basis. 

clean DVDs

Details About the Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 850ml

  • Largest tank containing the highest power of the Life Basis ultrasonic cleaners
  • Thicker transducer to generate stronger ultrasonic power
  • Cleaning effectiveness is increased 2-3 times compared to half-wave circuitry
  • Clear, easy to read, easy to operate LED display
  • 5 settings suitable for different applications
  • Large enough to clean DVDs and CDs
  • Includes watch stand, DVD stand, and basket

clean DVDs

What Else Does the Life Basis Ultrasonic Cleaner Clean Other Than DVDs?

  • Jewelry
  • Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Baby Items
  • Watch Bands
  • Razors
  • Brass cartridges for guns
  • Printer heads/ink cartridges
  • Car parts (valves, injectors, bearings)
  • Pretty much anything that can be placed in water to clean!

clean DVDs

Check out LifeBasis products for the perfect cleaner for YOU!

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