Hot Games This Christmas

Hot Games This Christmas

Goliath Games, founded in 1980, is a family owned and operated company that prides itself on creating games and toys, for all members of the family. The company manufactures and distributes high-quality and affordable games and toys that are entertaining, fun, innovative and inspiring.

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Wordsearch puts a new and exciting spin on the classic word search puzzle game, as all players race at once to find the most words, with a few twists and turns along the way. This family game is ideal for 2-4 players, ages 7 and up. Wordsearch features 16 different puzzles with 464 words for players to search for.

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Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens is a game that is designed for 2 or more players, ages 13 and up. The game features 200 cards and players rate each card based on how bad the event on the card is. For example, is your pet getting lost better or worse than your parents reading your diary? If the Misery Index agrees with your rating, you get to keep that card and if you are the first player to collect 10 cards, you win the game.

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Domino Junior Friends Deluxe

Domino Junior Friends Deluxe is a cool domino game, designed for 1 player, ages 4 and up. The game comes complete with 100 vibrant-colored dominoes, 3 dinosaur stackers (green, orange and yellow), a palm tree and a domino set-up tool. With Domino Junior Friends Deluxe, kids can create an array of creative domino runs and stunts.


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The Pressman Toy Corporation, a subdivision of the above mentioned Goliath Games, was founded by Jack Pressman in 1922. The toy manufacturer is well known for creating games and toys that kids and families can enjoy. More specifically, Pressman Toy creates family games, kids games, licensed products, puzzles and toys that are educational, enriching, exciting, fun and stimulating.


Rummikub is a tile-based game that is a cross between the card game Rummy and the tile-based game Mahjong. The game is ideal for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Rummikub comes complete with 106 plastic tiles, 4 plastic racks, and instructions.


Charades for Kids

Charades for Kids is a classic game of acting and guessing. Charades, in general, was introduced in France during the early years of the 19th century. Charades for Kids is designed for 3 or more players, ages 4 and up. The game features 150 charade cards that have a total of 450 activity, animal and object charades, a sand timer, game die, and instructions.

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Kids Know Best

Kids Know Best is a family trivia game that is perfect for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up. This game is a friendly battle of kids versus adults, to determine who really does know best- kids or adults. Kids Know Best has 165 question cards, featuring a total of 990 questions, on a large array of topics. Each card has 3 questions for kids on one side and 3 questions for adults on the other side. The game comes complete with a game board, 4 figurine pawns, 4 plastic holders and instructions.

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Pikmi Pops Lollipop Chase

Pikmi Pops Lollipop Chase is a board game that is based on the popular, collectible, sweet-scented, mini plush toys, packaged inside large non-edible lollipops. The game is ideal for 2-4 players, ages 5 and up. Pikmi Pops Lollipop Chase features a game board, 40 challenge cards, 16 lollipop tokens, 4 movers with stands, 4 tree mats, 1 Pikmi Pops scented mini plush and 1 game spinner.

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Hyrdo Strike

Hydro Strike is a fast-paced, action, skill, water pinball game, a classic take on the 1980’s kids game. The game is designed for 2 players, ages 7 and up. Hydro Strike comes complete with a game unit, 2 yellow balls, and instructions.

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  1. We love family games. I purchase a new one for our Christmas Eve gift, and we play it. I like the kids vs adults game!

  2. These are some awesome game suggestions, thank you so much for sharing! We play games a lot so it is awesome to get some new ones!

  3. These look like some great games to play with the family! My 7 and 8 year old grandsons love games so will have to check the company out! Thanks for some good holiday ideas!

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