Homework Caddy Keeps Schoolwork Organized

Stay Organized This School Year With The Homework Caddy

Staying on top of your child’s homework will help your child get better grades this school year and an overall better school experience. Being organized can be difficult, The Homework Caddy will make a big difference this school year! 

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Why It is Important to Stay Organized

Overwhelming Effect

Children stress much easier than we realize. Disorganization will overwhelm anyone. When children get overwhelmed, they tend to act out. As adults, we do the same thing. It just looks a little different in children. We assume that the acting out is “because they are a kid” but a lot of times it is preventable by staying organized and structured which keeps stress levels down! 

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Another reason is because even the toughest kids get embarrassed. Not being organized leads to forgetting homework which then leads to being embarrassed when the teacher has to ask where their homework is. Once again, a child will act out and begin to dislike school. No one likes the feeling of being unorganized!

Feeling Like a Failure

Grades are another big factor. Late homework, lost study guides, unprepared for test taking leads to lower grades. Feeling like a failure is NOT a feeling I want my kids to feel. Trying to keep them organized is my way to do what I can to give them a hand in their school work without doing any of the work FOR them!

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Becoming an Adult

Organization teaches children how to become adults. The older they get, the greater the responsibility. Once they are adults, organization is key to a successful job, a clean home, and a lot lower stress. 

About The Homework Caddy

The Homework Caddy is a 28-inch by 36-inch hanging homework organization center for all ages! 


  • Magnetic dry erase board with a calendar and notes section
  • Dry erase marker with a specific pocket designated to hold the marker
  • Large center display window
  • Two smaller plastic supply pockets
  • Four legal sized file pockets
  • Two velcro straps at the bottom for poster board projects
  • Two adhesive hooks

homework caddy

My Thoughts

The Homework Caddy is extremely durable. Their website states that it can be used for years to come. I can believe that! Sometimes, you get a product that claims to be durable and it isn’t. This product is made from thick, durable materials.

As you can tell from my photos, I am just getting mine all set up! Today was the first full day of school for my boys, so I got it all ready for this brand new school year!

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