Home Trends: What Is the Tiny House Movement?

Home Trends: What Is the Tiny House Movement?

Minimalism seems to be sweeping the world. More and more people are enjoying the feeling of freedom that comes from not being bound by too many possessions. The examples are everywhere: fashionistas are creating capsule wardrobes and interior designers are suggesting stark, Zen-like spaces year after year. It’s no wonder that tiny houses are taking the world by storm.

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Wait… What’s a tiny house?

If you haven’t heard, the planet has fallen in love with tiny homes – ones that measure no more than 400 square feet. Normally, they can be anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet, and no – trailers, RVs and manufactured homes don’t count. These homes usually look like typical houses, but minuscule. Most of them have an open floor plan, where only the bathroom is separate. Some of these homes are completely off the grid, but not all of them. Sounds cute? It definitely is. The tiny house movement started out in the United States, gaining popularity when disasters like the economic crisis and hurricane Katrina hit. Today, the movement is spreading all over the world.

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What are the benefits?

Apart from a sense of freedom that comes with ridding oneself of excessive material possessions, there are actually plenty of other reasons why people opt for tiny homes. Many of these reasons are very pragmatic. The main one is – obviously – the price. When it comes to Australia, the average price for a traditional house seems to be hovering around a whopping $900, 000. By contrast, tiny houses usually cost up to $50, 000. The difference is staggering. Although they are much smaller, the floor plan usually includes everything you need, packed in a compact and functional way. Tiny homes are usually at a lower risk of burglary compared to traditional houses. Official statistics say that, on average, 1 in 69 homes gets burgled in Victoria. Owning a tiny house lowers the risk. Of course, it’s always better to make sure your home is secure and consult a renowned locksmith in Epping.

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Is it for me?

The answer to that question is – it depends. Tiny homes are a great choice for people who don’t want to live with a loan looming over their head for decades. They also don’t tie you down as much as a traditional house – they are easier to afford, but also quite easy to sell if need be – due to their relatively low price. There’s also significantly less maintenance involved – both in terms of your time and the cost. Some people even build two – one to live in and the other to use as an office – opting to work from home and eliminating the need to commute. Tiny homes also work great as additional structures for live-in caregivers or children who are growing up and need a bit more privacy without giving up the benefits of living at home. Finally, tiny homes are an incredible example of hygge for all coziness enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you already have too many possessions that you would have trouble parting with, that could pose a problem. Also, families whose members feel the need for plenty of privacy and alone time probably wouldn’t be too happy in a home where there’s very little possibility of being alone.

If you are craving a simpler life, or thinking about ways to live in a more sustainable, environmentally responsible way, then it’s definitely worth it to consider a tiny home. These homes generally have a smaller ecological footprint. They are also an amazing starter home for single people or small families that are looking for comfort without going into debt.

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  1. I like the idea of these tiny homes, but don’t think I could part with my craft supplies!

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