Have You Seen the New Thirty-One Home Decor Product Line?

 A Twist to Thirty-One Gifts – Home Decor Product Line

When I think of Thirty-One, I think of purses and bags. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the company offers a home accessories line as well as their more well-known line of totes, handbags, and travel accessories. Not only do they provide accessories for the home, but they also offer an option to have each item personalized. I love the idea of adding a personal touch to unique items in a home!

Home Decor

Each wooden product is made of Mango wood with iron handles that will add a touch of rustic decor to any home or office. You are given the option to personalize each piece with the Simply Etched personalization feature. Every wooden piece is solid wood with very durable handles! There is no “cheaply made” thing about it! It is high-quality stuff for sure!

houseware product

The Close to Home products will add a simple, personalized touch to any space.

The Close to Home Caddy

The Close to Home Caddy provides a rustic storage option for the home or office. There are so many options as to how to use this piece in your space:

1. You can use it as a functional decorative piece like I have – with a plant in the center and pens on either side.

houseware product2. As a holder for utensils in the kitchen or your outdoor eating space.
3. Another great option would be to use it in a bathroom to divide out the various toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc.

houseware product

The Close to Home Decor Box

The Close to Home Decor Box is another versatile item. It has limitless possibilities as a functional storage piece or a decorative element. Some ideas for this beautiful box are:

houseware product

1. Use the box on a nightstand to hold books as I have done. My husband loves that they have more masculine designs to personalize with. 

houseware product2. Add rubber succulents and candles to add a rustic centerpiece to any table.
3. Place on the back of your toilet to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.

houseware product

The Close to Home Tray

Trays are great for decorating, using in the kitchen, or bringing along for a personal touch at a gathering. The Close to Home Tray offers a personalized rustic style to any space or event:

houseware product

1. I placed a teacup on my tray and set it on a blanket that is draped at the foot of my bed for a decorative piece that can easily be used for breakfast in bed.
2. Use the tray in the kitchen as a decorative piece on a wall, shelf, or countertop.
3. Take it along to a gathering with some cheese and crackers – serve your friends and family in personalized style.

houseware product

The Close to Home Keepsake Trays

Aside from the rustic, wooden home decor items, Thirty-One also offers three styles of Keepsake trays: Geo Pop, Heart, and Pineapple.

houseware product1. Place the plate beside your bed to hold your wedding rings and other items that you remove before bed.
2. Add the tray to your bathroom vanity to keep your jewelry that you wear each day safe while bathing.
3. Place near your door to hold keys.

houseware product

Thirty-One’s home decor line offers unique products for any space. With the rustic style, simple design, and added option to personalize each item, Thirty-One has hit the ball out of the park once again!

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7 thoughts on “Have You Seen the New Thirty-One Home Decor Product Line?

  1. When I think of Thirty-One, I thought of purses and bags. It was nice to find out that the company offers a home accessories line as well as the bags and purses. I love the wood rustic look and the personal touch of etching something on it. These home accents would make great gifts and would add an extra awesome touch to your home decor! I had to pin this!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was not aware that they also offered home d├ęcor items. I like how functional and attractive the boxes are.

  3. I had not seen these. I am moving into a new home soon. I can’t wait to get some of these things for my new house. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. I love the caddy and the decor box, I definitely need to get one! Now if only I could decide which one to get….

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