A Flag Covering Rather Than Arms

Memorial Day. Serving in the military is a sacrifice made for OUR freedom. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Instead of the typical scene of running towards a beloved soldier as they emerge from a plane, arms embracing, tears of joy, and flowers received… all too many have paid the ultimate sacrifice resulting in the family seeing their loved one come home with a flag-draped, setting flowers on a grave, tears of sorrow, and forever longing for one last hug. On Memorial Day, we honor those who have given their all and the families who have also given their all!


Recently, I took a trip to Arkansas to visit my grandparents. My grandfather began sharing with me about his buddy who was shot and killed right in front of him while fighting in the Korean War. My grandfather’s story was shared in this book written called “Chosin”. 


My grandpa couldn’t talk long about his friends who never made it home. With tear-filled eyes, he expressed how he never has a day that goes by that he doesn’t think about his buddies. My grandpa received the purple heart…. but…. he lived to tell about it. Not everyone has the chance to share their stories with their loved ones. If they do, they often deal with disabilities that keep them from going about their normal lives. If you need an attorney that is specialized in VA disability claims, click here

On Memorial Day, we honor those who never made it home from war! Often, the families of the loved ones who have died or are missing in action are forgotten. We honor those families who never got to welcome their soldiers home. 


One of America’s True Heroes

As a young teen, I babysat often for a neighbor friend, Andree. Between being a neighbor, a friend, and a babysitter, I had the privilege of meeting most of her family members. Little did I know that years later, on August 2, 2009, one brother would give the ultimate sacrifice for MY freedom. Thank you, Sev for being willing to give your all so that I could live free and so my babies can live in a free country! A HUGE thank you to his hurting family. Proud, YES but the hurt is great and they miss him every single day! 


Here are a few photos to honor Severin West Summers the 3rd. 


His favorite verse which wound up being SO appropriate! 


It’s not surprising that he would find the beauty in the midst of something that was so horrific. The smile on his face is the one that I saw for so many years and still see when I think of him! – Andree (Sev’s sister)


Take time today to thank those who are currently serving, they could wind up giving the ultimate sacrifice! Thank those who have watched their loved one come home with a flag draped over them and only been able to place a flower on a grave rather than feel the arms of their soldier wrapped around them. 


Severin, you will always be remembered for the ultimate sacrifice you have given!

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