Help Save Babies! Building a Baby Haven

Help Save Babies in South Africa

Several years ago, my husband, Josh, and I had the privilege of meeting Brent and Selina Bergey. Not only would they become missionaries our church supports but also our friends.

Their ministry, Little Fish Ministries, in South Africa is doing amazing things. One of the heartbeats of the Bergeys is to be missionaries to the orphans of South Africa. 

A few weeks ago the Bergeys were at our church. Brent shared that many times mothers will give birth and then abandon their babies at the hospital. Many even walk right outside the hospital and drop the baby in a dumpster just outside the doors of the hospital to die of starvation. 

save babies

Little Fish Ministries wants to help save babies in South Africa! They currently have 24 acres and are looking to build a Baby Haven that will take abandon babies in, feed them, raise and nurture them. 

save babies

The need is $50,000 of which over $16,300 has already been raised. That only leaves around $33,700 left to raise to build the home to start saving babies. That may sound like a lot but that is completely doable if everyone gives a little! The Bergey Family has a CD available. 100% of the money raised from the CD is going towards the $50,000 needed to build the home. You can order a CD HERE.

save babies

Josh and I have a heart for children whether here are on the other side of the world. These are great people doing great things for those that need it most! Watch the video below or click on the link to see how you can help us help the Bergeys build a Baby Haven for the children of South Africa! Click to DONATE.

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