Gross Your Kids Out OFTEN… It’s Your Job!

Go Ahead… Gross Them Out A Little!

I am sure you are wondering why in the world you should “gross your kids out”. Keep reading and you will understand! 


In our home, there are a few common phrases we hear our kids say. Stuff like “Would you PLEASE STOP!” or “Oh GROSS!”, or simple “YUCK!” comes out of our kid’s mouths quite often. Why? Because our kids don’t like it when we kiss in front of them. OR DO THEY? 

Why Grossing Your Kids Out Is So Important

My kids (and probably yours) may get grossed out when seeing my husband and I love on each other (appropriate loving… holding hands, snuggling on the couch, kissing, hugging etc). Even when they are yelling for us to please stop, they are gaining security… the kind of security that will help them in their childhood but also help them in their own marriage one day.


Every child needs the security (especially in today’s world) that mom and dad are in love. We have never been ones to have disagreements in front of our kids but I KNOW they can tell when mom and dad aren’t jiving! Showing them that mom and dad still love each other by showing it in our actions, gives a child a sense of security and peace. 


Sometimes, we kiss just to get a reaction from them. Do you ever do that?! If you haven’t, you need to start. Especially with my three-year-old. She will cover her eyes and be peaking through her little hands to see if we are really kissing. Then she runs to us and tries getting all of my kisses or her daddy’s kisses. It is funny but yet there is so much value in it! She is learning love in many forms at such a young age. 


So, go gross your kids out and give your husband or wife a big ole kiss right in front of them! It will make for funny comments but also a lifetime of security knowing mommy and daddy love each other!

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