Do You Forget to Drink Enough Water?

I use to drink a LOT of water but lately have just stayed so busy. Busy with life. So, drinking enough has been a real struggle for me! How about you? Do you drink your recommended 8-8oz glasses of water? Sounds like a simple task, right?!, but if you add up how much you ACTUALLY drink in a day, you may be surprised! 


My Favorite Water Bottles

I found these water bottles made by Tupperware at a ladies conference I went to with church. Of course, I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with them! I bought two to start with but then the following year, I bought two more from the same Tupperware lady. Often times I have a hard time finding a bottle that doesn’t keep the plastic taste and smell. NOT THESE! Aside from having a bottle that doesn’t TASTE nasty, I love the tight lid that snaps shut. I have never had one to leak! 


Water Bottles Tupperware Offers

Tupperware sells 4 different sized bottles. I prefer the medium size so I don’t have to fill it as often. It is still small enough to throw in my purse and set in the cup holder of my car. The extra small bottle is perfect for kids! It holds 10.5 ounces. The small size holds 16-ounce. We have a couple this size as well and is perfect for my boys who are 9 and 14. The medium is MY favorite which holds 25 ounces. Then there is the large sized bottle which holds 36 ounces! Bottles range from $5 to $11. 


This particular bottle holds 25 ounces of water. So I only HAVE to drink roughly 2.5 of these a day to meet the recommended daily intake. My goal each day is to drink a gallon of water. I had a hard time keeping up with how much water I had drank so I thought about putting hairbands on my bottle for EACH bottle of water I need to drink to complete my gallon a day. I have to drink a little over 5 of these bottles a day to meet my goal. As I drink a full bottle, I take off a rubber band when I fill it back up! 


Try it yourself! You might be surprised at how much more water you can drink when you have goals set for yourself that you can SEE

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