Great Pumpkin Fest at Carowinds

Don’t Miss the Great Pumpkin Fest This Month at Carowinds

Cool nights, college football, pumpkin everything and the changing of leaves all make Fall a special time! With three kids of our own (plus one foster child) one of our traditions as Halloween approaches is watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” We enjoy watching Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s fun antics as they prepare for Halloween.

Pumpkin Fest

The Great Pumpkin Fest

This year, our family took to a whole new level by going to Carowinds for the Great Pumpkin Fest. The Fest was located in Camp Snoopy and had all things Snoopy and Halloween! From trick or treating to Sally’s Craft Corner, Linus Pumpkin Patch and Bale Maze to Charlie Brown’s Tractor Tour, there were tons of great special events for the little ones! 

Pumpkin Fest

Both of our girls’ favorite things were Lucy’s Mummy Pit. This was a really cute attraction that it sure looked like ALL the kids were thoroughly enjoying. As they walked in, they were met with walls that looked like that of an Egyptian pyramid. It even had the Peanuts characters as mummies along with other characters. The main attraction was a spot in the wall that produced tons of soapy bubbles! They had a blast. Hearing all the giggles and belly laughs as they played in the bubbles brought some serious smiles to our faces! I would recommend bringing a change of clothes because they WILL get wet!

Pumpkin Fest

They also really loved the fact that they were able to take home a REAL pumpkin from Linus’ Pumpkin Patch. Of course, it was a hard job picking the perfect pumpkin but she was all smiles when she found just the one she was looking for! Such sweet memories.

Pumpkin Fest

Oh, and of course Snoopy and the rest of the gang were available throughout the day fully dressed and prepared for Halloween! When you combine these great events, the amazing decorations that Carowinds always has, and then combine that with all the rides and attractions that Carowinds offers and it was an awesome day!

Pumpkin Fest

Just a couple weeks ago, we had a new foster child placed with us. When we started talking about Carowinds, she was stoked. Every day, she asked if it was the day we were going to Carowinds. She had never been to any type of amusement park before. All day, she kept telling us it was the BEST day EVER! I can’t show photos of her on here but if I could, you would see the biggest smiles and biggest eyes!!

Pumpkin Fest

Don’t forget to check out the shows! The shows give great entertainment while mom and dad can rest their legs for a few minutes!! During the show, there is a character parade. We didn’t dress our girls up but there were a lot of children dressed in their Halloween costumes who marched around with the characters to show everyone their adorable outfits.

Pumpkin Fest

Fall Food

When you think this time of year, you think of all the amazing food that comes with Fall. Carowinds does not disappoint with their wide selection of great food throughout the park. One of our favorite places in the park is Harmony Hall.

Pumpkin Fest

Harmony Hall has a great variety of food from pizza, to barbecue, quesadillas to burgers, there is something for everyone! Of course, with it being fall, there are some amazing seasonal additions to the menu. Things like sweet potato pie (which our foster child said it was the best pie she had ever had) to the Haunt Finger Sandwich, a chicken finger sandwich combined with amazing mozzarella sticks and marina sauce that was unbelievably delicious!

Pumpkin Fest

Other Parts of the Park

While we were spending time with the little ones, our two boys went to do some of their favorites! Our boys are self-admitted adrenaline junkies! Their favorite ride there is Fury 325! With speeds of up to 95 miles per hour and a height of 325 feet, it is easy to see why it was voted the top steel coaster in the world!

While our oldest has ridden Windseeker many times before our youngest son had always been hesitant. This trip, his brother got him on it and he LOVED it! They actually rode it twice and our younger son said, “I wish I would have ridden it sooner, I felt like I was on top of the world!”

Pumpkin Fest

While our family LOVES Carowinds any time of the year, The Great Pumpkin Fest was a great day and a super fun way to celebrate the very best Fall has to offer. Even if you have been to Carowinds at other times of the year, I highly recommend you check out the Great Pumpkin Fest. The Great Pumpkin Fest runs now through October 28th on Saturday and Sundays. I promise it will be an amazing day with your little ones filled with fun, laughs and priceless memories!

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