Tips for Planning a Great Family Vacation

Tips for Planning a Great Family Vacation

Planning a great vacation is one of the most fun tasks you will ever undertake. Vacations are a time to have fun, relax and enjoy yourself. Sometimes, vacations can even be learning experiences. The best vacations involve both learning experiences and relaxation. There are still a few issues that you may run into when you are planning your vacation, but as long as you can overcome any issues that may arise, you will have a truly wonderful vacation.

Heading out last year on a family vacation

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The first thing that you need to plan for any vacation is to figure out where you are going to be spending most of your time. This will help you to determine where to stay, as well as what kind of a budget you will be needing. If you will be spending your time in a lot of different places, you will want to make sure that you are staying in a centralized location, so that travel between places will be easier. This will also help you to plan your budget better because it is much easier to research the costs when you know what you are doing.

After you have planned what you want to do, you will need to plan where you are going to stay. Find a place that is close to the things that you want to do, because there is nothing relaxing about getting stuck in traffic when you are trying to enjoy a nice vacation. Find something that is within your budget, but will have everything that you need, and possibly even a few extras. Read as many reviews of the hotel that you can find, so that you make a wise choice. There are some reviewers that don’t seem to be satisfied no matter what, but you can get a good feel for the hotel by reading the reviews.

After that, it is time to plan for the budget. Make sure to allocate enough funds for everything that you want to do. If you will be visiting any amusement parks, make sure to have enough money for admission. Plan enough of a budget for food, making sure that fast food is not the only thing in your budget. Try to plan a few nicer meals out for both nutrition and relaxation. Plan enough for souvenirs, as well as any emergencies that may arise.

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One thing to be sure to keep in mind when traveling is photo storage. Too often, I have found myself on vacation and taking more photos than my phone wanted to hold. I wound up in a bind because I had no way to “dump my pictures”. I didn’t want to have to delete pictures off my phone to allow room for more pictures. At the same time, I knew I couldn’t wait until I got back to the hotel or I would miss half a day of photo opportunities. The Kwilt3 has come to the rescue for my upcoming vacation!

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In an era where it seems that every device we carry has a camera, photos have never been easier to take to preserve the great memories. However, as photos have become much higher quality, space limitations have become a bigger issue as well. Not only in the number of photos we can take but also the number we can store in a particular device to share with our friends.

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Many folks have found the various cloud storage services to be a great solution, but paying a monthly fee can be a downer. Let me introduce to you the Kwilt3. This device serves as a personal cloud. Simply plug it in at your home and attach your storage device(s) with one of the four USB ports and you are in your way to having your own personal cloud that you can access anywhere in the world without the monthly fees. With its ability to add a virtually unlimited amount of storage space the possibilities are unlimited. 

No need to bring the Kwilt3 with you everywhere you go, once you download the app to our device(s), and plug your Kwilt3 into your router, you will always have a way to “dump your pictures and videos” while on the go. It is super easy. All you have to do is open you Kwilt3 app, select as many photos and videos (or “select all”) and then transfer. It takes very little time to complete the download. Kwilt will even delete your photos for you by clicking “yes” when the download is complete. There will always be a prompt following to make sure that your photos do not accidentally get deleted. You can check it out HERE.

Following these tips will help you to have not just a good vacation, but a great family vacation. 

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  1. Budgeting is important especially you guys are many. I really appreciate now my parents as it really needs a lot of money to spend for a family of 5 and up just like your fam and ours

  2. The Kwit3 sounds like a really helpful tool to have for family vacays. It’s nice to be able to dump all of your pictures as your travel so the files don’t take up too much memory on your devices.

  3. My family is finally getting back together this year for a family vacay! We will be using your tips to make sure it goes smooth!

  4. Oh, I need to get a Kwilt3 – that sounds amazing as much as we travel and take photos with our phone! Thanks for these great tips! Happy traveling!

  5. Photo storage is very important when you are going on a long trip because you will want to take a lot of pictures. I wish I had some more pictures from my last family vacation. So many amazing memories and I missed out on a lot because I didn’t have a place to store stuff.

  6. how awesome is this!!!
    I want one! I’m going to check into this so I always have enough room for my many photos ; )

  7. I need a Kwilt3 in my life it sounds like a great storage for photos and having lots of space on the phone too. I am going off to research it.

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