Girly Girl in the Making

Sometimes, I feel like electronics and busy schedules keep kids from being kids. I want my girl to experience all the same girly girl things that I had the opportunity to enjoy as a child. I want her to make her own memories but I want her to have memories that she can look back and think, “I had such a fun childhood!”. What comes to mind from your childhood?

girly girl

Fun With Friends

Some of my favorite memories include having sleepovers with my friends where we would stay up all night giggling and laughing about nothing in particular. We would fix each other’s hair to give the prettiest style we could come up with, paint each other’s nails, and then dress up and act like we were entering a beauty pageant. Once we were done with being all formal and proper, we would morph ourselves into trying to look like a clown or something else funny. 

girly girls

My friends and I even had journals that we took turns writing in. Anytime I would see my friend, I would give her my journal. She would read what I wrote and then add a journal entry herself before giving it back to me. Of course, we HAD to fold the paper to keep it a real secret. I think I even still have one of them in my attic!

girly girl

Oh, the memories. 

My Dreams of Making My Girl Know it is Okay to Be a Girly Girl

I want my daughter to have memories like that with her friends. It may just be drawings in her journals now but give her a few more months of school and she will be starting to write some sentences. I have a variety of really cute diaries from Smitco that she will go through in no time! 

girly girl

Allowing children to express themselves through journaling or even drawings helps them process their feelings. It is great to offer a “secret” diary to allow your child to be able to get their feelings out and feel comfortable doing so. 

girly girl

Smitco also has nail polish for when she is ready to dress up as if she is a beauty pageant contestant. 

Here are some neat products to check out:

Diva Diary Set for Girls

girly girl

Pony Scrapbook for Girls

girly girl


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12 Replies to “Nothing Wrong With Being a Girly Girl”

  1. You put the first real fun thing I remembered too as a kid, the sleepovers. Doing stuff with each others hair. Talking about the neighbor boys and which ones we thought were cute and which ones we thought were pains because maybe they kind of liked you but you didn’t like them. The giggling.

  2. We have 4 grown daughters and eleven granddaughters & Christmas is coming! Some of my girls go overboard on being girly girls! But they are girls and they are just accenting on who they are! Thank you for the opportunity

  3. We have 3 girls that Smitco products are something they LOVE, they are everything girly.

  4. I have 3 granddaughters under 10 and they love all things girly. They love getting their hair done, nails done and dressing up.

  5. I have 6 granddaughters and so far 2 of them are girly girl and 1 tomboy. I enjoy seeing what they choose as they get older.

  6. I have one daughter and she would love these kits because she loves products like that. She’s always wanting to do her nails.

  7. I have one seven year old great niece. Just today she was looking at a kit similar to this one and asking about it for Christmas. I told her it was not a toy, it was something she has to use very carefully to add to her nails, or to have an arts and crafts time at home with mom to make a special book. She wanted to try the ‘special book’ as she called it, lol 🙂

  8. I have two grown daughters, but one fabulous granddaughter, who would absolutely love this.

  9. I have one daughter. She loves to get her nails done, this would be nice for her to do herself (with my help) and use the emojis. (who doesn’t like emojis!?!?)

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