World Vision Purchases
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World Vision Purchases Meet Multiple Needs


Here in America, we are blessed beyond measure. Often, I see the devastation in other parts of the world where poverty is already an issue. Natural disasters affect all areas but when it hits an area that is already suffering from extreme poverty, my heart breaks knowing that there are people who may never be able to get back the very little they worked so hard to have. The most heartbreaking part is when you see a child that is lacking in clean clothing (or even clothing in general) and scrounging for crumbs to fill their swollen, hungry bellies. World Vision is giving hope to many who are suffering. 


World Vision Goes Where WE Can Not

I have a home and a family here. My own personal ministry is helping foster children here in our very own town. My heart breaks for the children all over the world. As much as I would love to load up in an airplane and head to Puerto Rico or Haiti right now to bring a whole slew of children home with me to care for while the area rebuilds from the massive devastation from the latest round of hurricanes, it isn’t something I can do for many reasons. However, I CAN make a difference through purchasing gifts sold by World Vision

Life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives ~ Jackie Robinson


About World Vision

World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization whose service extends to those stricken by extreme poverty. For 65 years now, World Vision has been making a difference all around the world within families, communities, and children (even within the US). Back in 1950, Bob Pierce started World Vision with just $5. Over the years, they have been helping in nearly 100 countries. 

Unlike many other humanitarian organizations, World Vision uses 85% of the company’s operating expenses to go directly to supporting the needs of families and communities all around the world. They keep the expenses for fundraising and management down to only 15% of the total operating expenses. That is incredibly low compared to other operations!

World Vision Purchases

How Can YOU Make a Difference?

There are many ways you can get involved! Here are some of the ways you can help through the World Vision website!

  • Buy a goat and two chickens for a struggling family. The animals will create a steady supply of food for these families. Milk, eggs, and meat. 
  • Purchase other livestock for families to feed their own family, as well as, make extra income to provide the needs for their family with the extra food these animals provide.
  • Purchase medical supplies
  • Purchase bed nets to help protect children from malaria and the Zika virus
  • Send a girl to school 


  • Provide physical and mental health care to girls who have been sexually exploited
  • Supply emergency food and food kits
  • Support the Clean Water Fund


  • Purchase fruit trees and seeds
  • Purchase a fishing kit for families to provide food
  • Provide a bike to allow a girl to get to and from school safely 
  • Give a microloan to a family desiring to start a business
  • Buy a soccer ball for a school
  • Purchase new clothing to keep children warm


  • Provide a school with books and tools
  • Sponsor a child for Christmas
  • Buy a Bible
  • Purchase a gift for a loved one and in turn, the proceeds go to the ministry!

World Vision Purchases

Some of the World Vision Purchases You Can Make

Some of the purchases you can make include:

  • Upcycled Artisanal Bowl – This beautiful bowl is made from reclaimed industrial waste such as wires and metal. In India, Artisans have hand bent and soldered each piece to make this stunning decorative bowl

World Vision Purchases

  • Salad Servers and spoons – Made in Kenya, the wooden hand carved salad servers add character to your serving dishes!

World Vision Purchases

  • Organic Coffee Blend – Also from India, hand-scooped coffee beans flavored with a delicious blend of dark chocolate and berry!

World Vision Purchases

  • Reversible Placemats – Perfect for the fall, these fall colored placemats add a stunning look to your dining room table. Placemats are made in Bali.
  • A set of Kenyan Salad Spoons – Kenya artisans dig their way out of poverty by making these unique hand-carved olivewood serving scoops.

World Vision Purchases

The greatest gift you could ever give is the gift of helping others who are less fortunate than you. Consider reaching across with world with a simple gift through World Vision.

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  1. They certainly provide much needed help around the world and it is good to know that they have low administrative costs so people in need get the benefit.

  2. What lovely items, and to a worthy cause. I’ve heard of this company before. I’ve actually won the items in a giveaway, and gifted the coffee to spread the love.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this great Christian organization. My heart goes out to all these people. We all need to help with whatever we can. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  4. This is such a wonderful organization! It also makes these gifts so special because they are hand made! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this!

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