Rainy Days Require Rain Boots

Over the last month, North Carolina has been the wettest it has been in a very long time. I know that April is supposed to be one of the wettest months but thanks to hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael, North Carolina has dealt with enormous amounts of rainfall which has led to flooding all across the state. Areas like North Carolina, Florida, and soon to be Mexico and Texas areas (from Hurricane Willa) are struggling with the widespread wind and flood damage. What are you doing to help?

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Finding an Organization

Finding an organization can be a little difficult because there are SO many out there. Research to see if the company you are donating to are doing everything they say. Sometimes, the money donated goes more into the hands of the administration and the organization itself than into the hands of those who are suffering from a natural disaster. Make sure you look into it.

rain boots

My husband and I are apart of a group called Chatham Cares. It is 100% volunteer, the gas and truck that hauls the supplies is taken care of between a local church and a local trucking company. So, 100% goes directly into purchasing supplies needed for Hurricane victims. You can donate HERE or you can find an organization similar to this in your local area. 

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Get Your Boots Wet!

When my husband and I went down to Florida last week to bring supplies to the people in Panama City, our hearts became extremely heavy seeing the amount of destruction that was done. Almost every single home had a tree on it or the roof ripped off (or both). We were there to hand out supplies such as food, water, tarps, cleaning supplies, hygiene, etc. One common question we were asked is, “Do you know of anyone who would be able to help us with the cleanup process?”. There were some who worked all day and yet it seemed as though they had weeks more worth of work to do! The people in North Carolina and Florida will be cleaning and rebuilding for many months to come. If you have the time and are physically capable, consider heading to one of those areas to lend a helping hand! 

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Have the Right Gear for the Wet Conditions

During Hurricane Florence, I felt like anytime I stepped foot outside for about a week, my socks and shoes were getting soaked. I admit I didn’t have ANY rain boots. Everything was flooded here from Florence! I was determined to have some boots for the next time we had rain. Little did I know that shortly after, we would be dealing with remnants of Hurricane Micheal. It hit us as a tropical storm. Trees were down again, power outages, and a lot of rain. This time, I was much more prepared. With my Nomad Footwear Rain Boots, I was able to get out without having to change my socks and shoes when I came in! 

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My Favorite Nomad Footwear Boots!

The boots from Nomad Footwear are so comfortable and easy to get on. I absolutely love the new Darci style because it includes a zipper in the back which works well for me. I have a lot of problems with the mobility in my ankle after a very extensive surgery a year and a half ago. The zipper makes it where I can get it on even my bad foot without hurting my ankle! Most boots are hard for me to get on because of the lack of mobility in my ankle. 

rain boots

When I want a splash of color to my outfit, I can slide on the Kelly B. dusty rose boots! They are super cute, to say the least!

Another pair that I got was the Hurricane 3 boots. Go figure on the name of them that these would come in right between two major hurricanes! They came in handy though! With the higher boot, these are great to wear with a pair of cute jeans without having to worry about the bottoms of your jeans getting soaked in the puddles!

rain boots

I have found that rainy days are times when everyone needs to come together to help one another. Whether your rainy day is literally a rainy day that causes devastations like the ones that Hurricane Florence and Michael caused or whether it is a rainy day as in a trial in your life, I am sure you appreciate those around you getting on their pair of rain boots and being there to help! Find ways to help others… and don’t forget your rain boots. A pair of rain boots can be a good reminder of how you can help others on their rainy days!

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  1. I like the Darci Style boots in black,they sound easy to put on and I just like the look of them.

  2. They’re all great, but the Puddles Turquoise Monet are my favorite. I love the colors.

  3. I like the Dusty Rose. I love color’s that makes it my favorite. I love your website. It is a fun break for me during my day. Keep up the good presentations.

  4. I really like the Darci in black…although the blue is fun too! But I also really like the Oakley in Black as well! Super cute. Thanks for the chance.

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