Mountains of Fun at Tweetsie Railroad

Go back to the day when cowboys, Indians, and bandits were in action as you aboard the train at Tweetsie Railroad in the beautiful Blowing Rock, NC. Ride the rides, watch the shows, shop, eat, and feed the animals all day long while enjoying the scenic views at Tweetsie.

Tweetsie Railroad

Memories Passed Down

As Tweetsie celebrate their 60th year of making kids smile, my husband was determined to give our children the same memories he had at Tweetsie Railroad as a child. What a better way to enjoy it than to invite his parents (who took him when he was little) to join us! 

Check out this video with pictures and video clips from our time at Tweetsie Railroad!

The Train Ride

Every 30 minutes, the coal burning train will leave the station hauling guests through Tweetsie and then through the back side only accessible to the train riders. 

Tweetsie Railroad

As we arrived at the different scenes, the train would stop to allow the actors and actresses time to put on a short drama. It was often ad-libbed making the ride different each time. The actors played off of what people would say from the train in different situations making it funny and interactive. Even though there are gun shootings, bandits, and fighting scenes, it was made to be funny, not scary so even the children enjoy it without any fears.

Tweetsie Railroad

For the Younger Ones

Typically, when we go to amusement parks, my daughter loses interest quickly because she is only 4. Long lines and very limited rides make for a boring day for a 4-year-old. At Tweetsie, the lines were extremely short, there was a lovely mountain breeze, and so much to choose from for a 4-year-old! She said she loved the Tweetsie Twister the most but by the look on her face for all the rides and especially at the Deer Park Zoo!

Tweetsie Railroad

For the Older Ones

My boys, ages 10 and 14, loved the Round Up the most with the Tilt A Whirl as a close second. 

Tweetsie Railroad

The Miners Mountain Magic Show was a big hit for all of us. They spent a lot of time even after we left Tweetsie Railroad trying to figure out how the magician did his magic. 

Tweetsie Railroad

For the Parents

As a parent, I did enjoy the rides but more than anything, I just enjoyed the time as a family and seeing my kids smiling and laughing all day! 

Tweetsie Railroad

The memories my husband had from his childhood have now become new memories WITH our children and new lasting memories for our children. 

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