FunkAway Nasty Shoe and Sports Equipment Odors

 Sports Equipment Odors GONE With FunkAway

Life is about to get REAL hectic in the Smith house. In the midst of all of the rush of the holidays, BOTH my boys are playing basketball this year. At two different places, at that! My oldest found out today that he made the JV Basketball Team at school and my youngest son is playing for Upwards this year. With the busyness, I SURE don’t have time to deal with nasty sports equipment odors! FunkAway will be saving time and stinky SMELLS from my home!

sports equipment odors

Did you know that the odor of the sweat is not actually the smell of the sweat? It is actually the bacteria growing because of the sweat! So, sweating isn’t where the actual problem is. It lies with the sweat staying in the nooks and crannies inside shoes and sports gear that have the perfect conditions for growing bacteria. YUCK! I can smell it now and the height of the season is not even here yet!

sports equipment odors

About FunkAway

Sprays and even laundry boosters with not just an odor eliminator but also a bacteria killer stop odor before it even begins. Do you have a child with stinky shoes? I do! You can smell her shoes from the next room. I am not really sure why her shoes always smell so terrible but they do. Then, SHE stinks as soon as they touch her sweet little feet. No so sweet when they smell that way! Time for new shoes and FunkAway to make a change!!

sports equipment odors

FunkAway utilizes a unique patented compound called OM Complex™ that attacks the putrid smell created by hard work and play. OM Complex absorbs and breaks down the odor, eliminating it for good.

FunkAway works! It does help deodorize if shoes are already stinky but the best way to use it is to spray it immediately after use but BEFORE the smell begins. A preventative measure that makes a world of a difference! You would have to try it to believe it. They don’t make scratch and sniff computer screens. Give it 20 years and I am sure they will but for now, you will have to take my word, order some FunkAway and smell for yourself.

sports equipment odors

FunkAway Options

sports equipment odors

Basketball shoes are way too expensive these days to just toss to the side when they get too stinky. Washing them every week is also not an option. The soles will break down before the season is even halfway over if you wash them too often. Maybe you don’t, but I sure need my boy’s shoes to last at least a full season.

FunkAway has already been working wonders with my daughter’s shoes, I am so glad to have it on hand and ready to go to prevent my boy’s sports equipment odors! Check out their products HERE!

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  1. I do like the name of this products! It would be terrific to keep this in the house and use when needed.

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