Fun New Toys for 2020

New Toys in 2020

Toy makers from around the world met in New York City for the yearly New York Toy Fair in which they revealed all the great new toys to the market for 2020. Here are a few of the new toys for 2020. 

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Starlight Light Up Diamonds Pool Set

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With summer right around the corner, pool time is certainly calling your name! Have your kids ready for hours of fun with LIGHT UP DIVE DIAMONDS – BY STARLUX GAMES. WIth each pack you will receive four dive diamonds that are different colors and they light up. While daytime fun is certainly welcome, night time swims come to life in a whole new way. With three suggested game plays, the possibilities are endless for hours of summertime fun!

Oh My Gourd!

Family game night is a great way to make memories with your kids while having a lot of fun too. Sometimes, especially if there are different ages, it can be tough to find games where older kids and adults enjoy but younger children understand the rules and how to play. Oh My Gourd is the perfect solution! It is a family gardening game that is both fun and engaging. The goal of the game is to grow a large gourd with your gardening tools while preventing weeds critters and a few questionable characters from stopping you! 2-4 players can play and it will leave you with lots of laughs and even a little gardening knowledge too!

Moosh Moosh   

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Oh, how we love Moosh-Moosh. Moosh-Moosh can be used as pillows, fluffy friends, and even decoration. These are, hands down, the best squishy pillows we have had! Moosh-Moosh come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Does your child love unicorns? Moosh-Moosh has you covered. Does your child like bumble bees? Cows? Sharks? Lamb? Yes, Moosh-Moosh has you covered with all of these and many more. There are quite a few Series 4 Moosh-Moosh new arrivals for this Spring. Flashlights, banks, are available along with quite a few different sized Moosh-Moosh squishies from the size of a fist up to an extra large pillow size along with different shapes like the Moosh-Moosh Squared.

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The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast

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Kids have big emotions… well, humans do! As parents, it is our job to help our children understand how they can handle their big emotions. We need to make sure they know that having feelings is completely normal but what you do with those emotions is what makes all the difference. The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast tells children relatable stories which get children to understand how to express their feelings appropriately.

Trolls Sparkle Dome


Kids love surprises. This NEW Trolls Sparkle Dome is available at your local Walmart for under $5. Makes a great Easter basket gift or even just a random surprise to brighten your child’s day with new toys. This snow globe shaped toy offers a hidden troll inside. Simply open the top to the globe, pour water in, and place the top back on. Children can sit and watch as the troll is revealed as the paper dissolves.

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ThinkFun Moon Spinner

With this contraption, there are six multicolored moon-shaped pieces that are placed in a way that can be shifted as long as you have the moon shapes in a circular pattern. See how many colorful patterns can be made! 

ThinkFun 4 Pocket Brainteasers

Challenge your child’s brain with a pocket sized brain teaser. These are great to add in an Easter basket! It is educational yet entertaining. We are still trying to figure out how to do The Fifth Chair Brainteaser! They look like they would be so simple but they are NOT! These brainteasers will keep your children occupied for quite a while!

ThinkFun My First Rush Hour

ThinkFun’s My First Rush Hour is a maze challenge game for ages 3 and up. Children place the pieces on the spots where the interchangeable game board has them laid out. After setting up the game board, players have to find the way for the red vehicle to get out of the maze and down the ramp.

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There are so many new toys on the market. Make sure you check out these brands to see other new toys that they have available!

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