Know Which Front Door Locks Can Tame Burglars

Know Which Front Door Locks Can Tame Burglars

The security of our house is of prime importance for any individual. Keeping burglar’s miles away from the dwelling is not possible, but keeping the house secure so that they cannot break in is possible. Most of the people are aware of the fact that 34 per cent of the burglars break in from the front doors, and thus, always try to install the most competent front door locks. With the inception of technology, people now prefer smart door locks, in order to acquire greater lee against theft and robbery. So, undoubtedly, better the lock, greater the security.

Door Locks

Types of locks

The lock is not primary and the only option for attaining high-end security, however it is a cardinal part of it. Following are some of the types of locks:

  • Doorknob locks: These are the contemporary locks and are mostly seen in the newly-built houses and hotels these days. These are, basically, the most urban and typical kind of locks. However, they are good but not apt for exterior use, especially, to be used as front door locks. Though, easy to find and use, but they are highly unreliable and do not offer much security. They can be broken effortlessly. In fact, harsh banging on the doors can itself break the hammer of the lock.
  • Cylindrical lever locks: They are generally used in commercial and residential settings. They have somewhat the same mechanism as the deadbolt locks. They are easy to operate. But again, they can be bypassed without much scuffle.
  • Deadbolt locks: They are not only the most common fixtures found, but also the most secure lock too. They can either be single or double cylindered. While in single cylindered locks, key can be used on one side only but in the double cylindered locks, key can be used on both the sides. Their installation totally depends on the type of usage and the location of the property. However, the frequency tapers as the person moves down from double cylindered to single cylindered lock. So, using them as front door locks is always a good recourse.
  • Mortise locks: Also known as the ‘interlock’, they are installed usually at the bottom end of the doors. For using them, the locks are made to get into the slit made on the floor so that they go through and hold the doors intact. Their installation is facile, and they provide lofty level of invulnerability. Yet, as front doors locks, they are not much customary.

Door Locks

Tips for choosing the best and reliable lock

Amongst a bevy of locking arrangements available in the market, there are different factors that influence the choice of the best locking system. However, tone must consider the following points before opting for any specific category of locks:

  • The echelon of safety required. If the household wants literally high-end security, they may go for biometric or digital locking system that requires scanning the fingerprint/eyes or a special code to be fed, in order to unlock the door.
  • The door material. It would sound doltish to install a hefty, exorbitant locking system on a feeble a thin door that can easily be brought down with a few kicks.
  • The location of the resident. If you live in an already secure society or somewhere in the vicinity of the cops, a moderate security lock will serve the purpose.
  • The location of the dweller. Some people, in peculiar locations, prefer mediocre caliber locks in order to avoid jeopardizing their lives in case of emergencies. Thus, they opt for medium standard front door locks.

Considering the aforesaid points, one may decide the locking framework. The security of your dwelling is cardinal; hence, one must get the locking systems, uncompromisingly, be it high-end or some average durability locks.

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9 thoughts on “Know Which Front Door Locks Can Tame Burglars

  1. Great article. The days of leaving your doors unlocked is long gone.

  2. This is good information to know. Its important to keep your house and family as safe as possible.

  3. Love all the tips. It’s good to know how to better protect ourselves against home invasions.

  4. I like how you really explained the different types. We always have put deadbolts on our homes in addition to the door locks.

  5. This is helpful to me we were robbed a few years back..The skank kicked in our front door in the middle of the day while we were at work and took there time opening every drawer we had..I wish we would have had better locks and better neighbors 🙁

  6. Great article. My Aunts house just got broken into. I am going to share what I have learned so that it doesn’t happen again.

  7. Since my house gotten broken into, doors were all locks, another thing to make sure even if you think you’re neighborhood you have been living at 20+ years and nothing major big has happened is to make sure your windows are locked as well.

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