Freeloader Child Carrier Built Specifically for Toddlers!

Freeloader Child Carrier Allows You to Take Toddlers ANYWHERE!

The Freeloader Child Carrier is the First Child Carrier Built Specifically for Toddlers! It is a new, better child carrier. Compact, lightweight, and portable, this child carrier uses advanced materials and design to create a better experience for parents who love spending time with their kids. 


Do you love spending time with your kids, as well as, hiking and being active yet struggle with balancing what is just too much for your little one? Their little legs can’t always keep up but a stroller isn’t always the easiest thing to maneuver when hiking the back roads and hills! Freeloader is a great option to allow you to carry your TODDLER hands-free and safe! 

Whether you are traveling by air, going to the zoo, or hiking with your little ones, the Freeloader is ready to help carry the load. When not in use, it’s integrated aluminum seat folds up neatly to the size of a daypack. What a perfect fit for parents that want a lighter, more versatile carrier! The Freeloader features an easy-to-use, 5-point safety harness. The safety harness is specially designed to fasten securely and safely out-of-reach of your child.

Freeloader Child Carrier
The Freeloader provides wide, ergonomic shoulder and waist straps to evenly distribute your child’s weight to your hips and core. The contoured shoulder straps are adjustable and provide extra padding for comfort and support. Padding in the back panel and seat offers extended comfort for your child.

Freeloader Child Carrier
The Freeloader is small enough to carry-on and stows away neatly, making it perfect for air travel, road trips and more! See more at HERE! You can also find them on Facebook.

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Take your children on the adventures of their dreams!

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