A Surprising Tie That Binds

Who Would Have Thought a Foldable Playset Would Create a Bond?!

For my daughter, being the only girl in the home, all while being six years younger than anyone else in the home can create many problems. First off…. she is a little spoiled. Ok, a LOT spoiled. Her brothers are her protectors and her best friends. They do about anything to please her and take care of her EXCEPT play girly things with her. That brings me to the second problem…. she doesn’t typically have anyone to play Barbies and baby dolls with. I never really thought about buying her any cars to play with but wait ’til you hear about this product that allows her to talk her big brother into finally playing with her!

Cars Aren’t Gender Specific

I was so excited to finally have a little girl in the house when our daughter first came to us. You can read how she came into our lives, HERE. Barbies, dress up clothes, painting nails, baby dolls, and the list goes on and on of all the very girly things I had envisioned. After a while, sitting on her floor (as an adult) playing Barbies was getting a tad bit exhausting. I didn’t want her to get bored but at the same time, I also had my boys to spend time with. Why couldn’t they just play together?! Sure, they enjoy building forts together and kicking the soccer ball around but I needed more! 

foldable playset

This foldable playset has been the tie that binds. My boys are a whole lot more likely to get down on her floor to race cars than they are to dress a baby doll. When I was asked to review the ReadySetz foldable playset, I thought it was “just a piece of cardboard that my son was way too old for” but I agreed to check it out. I’m glad I did.

foldable playset

First off, this is NOT just cardboard. I was shocked at how durable the material is. ReadySetz is made of cardboard but this material is durable, reinforced to be strong (so strong it can hold 100-pounds and it doesn’t collapse), water repellant, and vibrantly printed on both sides. See, my 11-year-old son was sitting on it with NO problem and he weighs around 75 pounds!

foldable playset

Secondly, it saves a ton of space. My daughter’s dollhouse stays set up in her bedroom and takes up a good bit of wall space in her tiny bedroom. So, seeing how quick and easy it is to fold up and store made ReadySetz a winner in my books!

foldable playset

Thirdly, the open-ended play allows both male and female entertainment for hours using their imagination to create a storyline whether it be a drag race, a game of cops and robbers, acting as a mechanic, or imagining that Barbie needs to hitch a ride to the grocery store. My daughter can still incorporate her Barbie dolls but my son can pretend to be an FBI agent hiding out waiting for Barbie and her friends to drive past. 

foldable playset

The ReadySetz foldable playset is great for a wider variety of ages AND for both boys and girls alike to be able to form a bond and interact with one another. You can buy yours HERE!

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