Five Tips for Making Healthy Lunches

making healthy lunches

Lunch is necessary, but school lunch? It can get difficult to find healthy options and get over the daily hump of actually making those lunches. Throw in a busy schedule and competing deadlines, and you can see why relying on options that might be filled with unnecessary additions of fat, salt, and sugar might be a habit that you don’t want to get into.

But a little preparation can go a long way toward changing the lunch habits of you and your loved ones from unhealthy to healthy. For example, there are inventive ways to put leftovers to use—making extra rice and chicken, for example, and mixing them together to create a yummy lunch bowl. Even just having leftover containers that are packable and portable can go a long way toward making it easier and more convenient for you to pack your own lunch. What are some other ideas you can use? This graphic has a few.


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