Fancy Nancy Volume 1 on Disney DVD

Fancy Nancy On Disney DVD November 20th

Grab some glitter, add a dash of “ooh la la,” sprinkle in original songs and… Voilà! Get set to pour on the fun with Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy brings a bit of flare with a life full of imagination right to your child. Children will also learn basic words in French as Fancy Nancy adds a word in French throughout each episode. 

Fancy Nancy

With her love of all things fabulous, fancy and French, this little lady can change bland into chic. All it takes is a boundless imagination, help from friends and family, and a sunny approach to life that celebrates the differences that make everyone unique and magnifique! 

Based off a popular children’s book series by author Jane O’Connor, Fancy Nancy came to life on Disney Junior and will soon be out on Disney DVD. This bubbly six year old, Fancy Nancy, has captured the hearts of many girls across America!

Staring the voices of Mia Sinclair Jenness as Nancy Clancy; Alyson Hannigan as Nancy’s mom; 
Rob Riggle as Nancy’s dad; Spencer Moss as JoJo; Dana Heath as Bree; Ruby Jay as Rhonda/Wanda; and Ian Chen as Jonathan.


Fancy Nancy will be out on Disney DVD on November 20, 2018 in stores near you!

Episodes included in Fancy Nancy Volume One:

  • Chez Nancy/School de Fancy
  • Tea Party Trouble/Bonjour Butterfly
  • Nancy’s Ooh La La Spa/Nancy Goes to Work
  • Nancy Versus Dudley/Nancy Makes her Mark
  • Nancy’s Devine Sleepover/Nancy’s Sacrebleu Fondue
  • Nancy’s Dog Show Disaster/The Case of the Disappearing Doll

This 139 minute DVD will be the perfect stocking stuffer for your little one this Christmas! 

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6 thoughts on “Fancy Nancy Volume 1 on Disney DVD

  1. I remember reading Fancy Nancy to my niece who is a red-head. She is now too old for the DVDs but love the series!

  2. My daughter really likes the Fancy Nancy books. I know that she would love to see the movie also.

  3. I remember reading the Fancy Nancy books to my niece when she was younger. Little girls love Fancy Nancy.

  4. We would get a bunch of Fancy Nancy books every time we visited the library when my grandkids were younger. So much fun to read them.

  5. At 67 I have not watched cartoons in YEARS. My great niece is 2 and she spends the day with me 2 or 3 times a month. And she loves cartons and we recently watched a fancy nancy carton and she loved it. Cartons really impress me a lot there is so many different ways kids are learning watching them.

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