Family Travel Destinations With Kids Under 12 Years Old

If you’re one of those people who like exploring new places and experiencing new
cultures, the fact that you have kids has not prevented you from traveling. If, on the other hand, you’ve never liked leaving your country, you may wish to consider the idea now that you have kids. What I’m trying to say is that some of the memories you’ll be creating will last forever and your kid will probably have a better understanding of the world around them.

family travel

Luckily, there are so many options to choose from. Fun-filled days on a beach, skiing and snowboarding on gentle slopes walks through a national park or a simple city-break can mean so much for both you and your kids that you most certainly need to take advantage of an affordable opportunity and hit the road. Here are just some of the best destinations you can visit with your young one(s).

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East coast

Visiting Boston will help your kid learn so much about American history. The Freedom Trail and Boston National Historical Park are free educational destinations, but you should also explore other venues in and around Boston. You can move a bit to the south and visit Philadelphia, another fabulous city for history. You will be able to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Betsy Ross’s house, among other places. Both cities offer a range of accommodation facilities and are known for various cafes, restaurants, and other child-friendly places. Just plan your holiday with kids carefully and make the most of it!

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Bora Bora

Although many people associate these tropical islands with romantic getaways or places where most romantic wedding ceremonies are organized, they still have a lot to offer to families. Airlines often offer great deals for kids traveling with their parents and you can opt for an all-inclusive package or prefer to explore the wonders of the local cuisine on your own. One thing is guaranteed, all unforgettable Bora Bora holiday packages will allow you to go snorkeling, swimming or surfing, and you can also visit some of its many lagoons with a boat excursion. Just remember to pack extra sun protection and enjoy your stay!

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One of the most popular cities in the world is definitely the Irish capital. Known for its citizens and culture, Dublin has been swarms of visitors each year. You can organize a picnic lunch at St. Stephen’s Green, where your kids can enjoy a fantastic playground. Next, you might want to visit the National History Museum if your kid is interested in animals. To learn more about Irish history, head towards Kilmainham Gaol (Gaelic for “jail”). You can also take a day trip to Bray to see the aquarium or to County Wicklow to enjoy the scenery.

Dublin streets


Your kid is likely to be impressed by the works of Gaudi, since many of the buildings he designed look as if they are from a fairy-tale. Still, Barcelona has more to offer than just architecture. If your kid is interested in soccer, what better place to visit than Camp Nou? If they have a sweet tooth, and very few kids don’t, take them to the Chocolate Museum. Finally, there is an interactive science museum CosmoCaixa, with a great planetarium.

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This region in northern Greece is perfect for family vacations since it offers amazing beaches and the clear blue Aegean Sea. There are three peninsulas, but tourists are only allowed to two, Kassandra and Sithonia. The third is Mount Athos, a monastic community closed to the masses. Lush green landscapes make this region particularly popular among campers, so why not go camping? You can rent a tent, trailer or bungalow right on the beach and have an amazing time. Rent a car and visit Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, which is really close.

Even the smallest kids can enjoy and appreciate traveling, mostly because that means time spent with the dearest and a break from the daily routine. And how doesn’t love these two things?

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