Keeping Family Safe with SafetyPIN

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SafetyPIN Checks Backgrounds on Babysitters, Housekeepers, and Other

In-Home Help to Keep Your Family Safe

As a parent or caregiver, keeping your family safe is of the utmost importance. This is especially true when you turn to the convenience of the Internet to hire babysitters, housekeepers, etc. This is my family and I choose to keep my family SAFE!

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Let’s face it; there are scads of options for online background checks. But, can you REALLY trust them? SafetyPIN to the rescue!

This company isn’t your average background check provider. When you hire someone, who has been awarded their own “SafetyPIN” of trust, it means they passed a comprehensive 4-pronged process that includes identity verification, a financial and criminal background check and a personal behavioral screening… created by a clinical psychologist and several criminal profilers.

family safe

Look for these virtual trust badges on sites like Craigslist, pet sitting or babysitting match-up sites, personal blogs, online resumes, Airbnb and more. Rest assured, SafetyPIN holders go through frequent re-screenings. If they don’t pass, their SafetyPIN is revoked.
You have the option of asking someone to apply for the badge before you hire them or paying for the process yourself. Either way, all personal information is encrypted and never shared with third parties.

family safe

The cost to apply is more than affordable. The majority of applications are approved within a day and you can cancel your monthly membership anytime. It’s only $1 per application and $1 a month, for the first six months!

At this rate, there’s no need to allow anyone you don’t know around your family without asking them to go through SafetyPIN first. It’s a super-simple way to protect your loved ones without major effort on your part. Honestly, what could be better than that?

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