Family Movie Night – New Tradition

Family Movie Night

Too often these days, family members tend to go their separate ways with each member doing their own thing. This age of technology that we’re living in is like a double edged sword. Sure, it’s great to have all of that information available at your fingertips…you can find anything on the net just by typing in a few keywords. But it’s also a huge reason families spend less time together.

Movie at KOA

Children spend more time staring at a screen than they do playing outside. Most are addicted to computers, smart phones, video games and other things of that nature. But in my home, we’ve made it a rule to spend quality family time together. We have family game nights, family dinners, we work on craft projects and we take family walks through the woods near our house.

One of our favorite weekly family nights is movie night. There are so many good movies that are perfect for family viewing and we try to include any “family appropriate” movie that any of us want to see. Naturally we watch all of the new releases, but I love to share some of the older movies with my kids…movies that I loved when I was growing up. It fills me with joy to see them enjoying an old movie as much as I did when I was a kid. Call me sentimental, but I think the older movies had more substance.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

I recently learned about the Top 100 Kids Movies Poster by Enno Vatti and I love the concept. It’s like a giant scratch off ticket with ten rows of ten squares that are covered with a scratch off gold foil layer. Each square has the title of a kids movie printed above it – movies that are loved by children and their parents worldwide…from 20th Century classics to their modern remakes, as well as award winning animation.

family movie night

When you scratch off the foil with a coin, you reveal a character or symbol from the specified movie. The idea is to scratch off the squares for all of the movies that you’ve seen. Once you’ve done that, you watch a movie from the poster that you haven’t yet seen and then scratch it off after you watch. You continue doing this until you have scratched off all 100 of the movie squares. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

family movie night

The poster comes in a premium quality box and is neatly wrapped in protective paper, making it instantly ready to gift. All of the illustrations you will reveal are original designs (created specifically for each movie) by Enno Vatti. Once you have scratched off all of the movie squares, you are left with a beautiful poster to hang on your wall!

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