10 Family-Friendly Camping Ideas Throughout NSW

Family-Friendly Camping Ideas

New South Wales is the largest state in Australia, and Sydney is the country’s biggest city. So it is no surprise that it is one of the country’s top places to visit. The spectacular beaches, mountains, and lush bushlands are not all NSW offers. An abundance of campsites caters to camping enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. Read some family-friendly camping ideas here.

Enjoy Winter Camping in Kichega National Park

Most camping enthusiasts enjoy outdoor fun during the summer, spring, or other times. Nothing stops you from camping in the winter if you go to Kichega National Park. The weather in the area is usually mild.

Go Fishing in the Darling River

Camping is more fun when you have various activities to occupy your time. One of the most unconventional things to do while camping is fishing. While this option is not possible in many campgrounds, you can choose the Darling Campground just to be able to engage in this activity.

Share Stories Around a Campfire

Building a campfire is one of the first few things many people write down when thinking of things to do in a camp. First, ensure the campsite you are going to allows campers to build wood fires. Then, you can spend the evening making food over an open fire while sharing fun stories with your children.

Glamp Luxuriously in Lane Cove

Many believe camping and glamping are all about living minimally on only essential utilities. However, you don’t have to live rough while away from home. Tandara in Lane Cove National Park offers luxurious amenities to campers, including plush beds, luxury linen, and an outdoor gourmet kitchen.

Camp on Hidden Beachfront

Most campgrounds are popular and always filled with outdoor enthusiasts. However, you can get some alone time when you camp in Thou Walla Sunset Retreat. It is one of those hidden gems that locals preserve from outsiders. 

Sleep Amongst the Wildlife

Parks are some of the best places to go if you want the children to have an excellent time during a family outing. Fortunately, Australia, especially NSW, has many parks for citizens and tourists. Camp in Beachcomber Holiday Park to pitch your tents close to kangaroos and wallabies. 

Visit Glenworth Valley for the Perfect Bush Camping

Glenworth Valley is a gem for campers who love bush camping. The campsite is just an hour’s drive from Sydney and has all the amenities you need. The area is also known for horse riding, and your children can spend some time watching the riders gallop past.

Go on a Surfing Challenge

Camping with your family ought to be all shades of fun. Drive the entire family to Lennox Beach Head Holiday Park to camp. After settling down, you can pack some gear and visit the nearby National Surfing Reserve to see who can catch the biggest break.

Bring the Dogs Along in the Fun

It is common for campsites to restrict pets on their premises. If you don’t want to leave your pets behind, go to pet-friendly grounds like Stockton Beach Holiday Park, Werri Beach Holiday Park or Merry Beach Caravan Resort.

Try a Balanced Style

Parking your camper trailer, caravan or motorhome on campgrounds is good enough, but camping can be better. You can experience bush camping while enjoying more luxury when you camp in cabins. Check out top spots like Maidens Inn Holiday Park, Ocean Beach Holiday Park, and Merimbula Beach Holiday Park.


Camping is the perfect example of the phrase “the more, the merrier”. If you are camping with your family, you should explore family-friendly ideas that will make the experience exciting for everyone.

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