Fall Boots for Fashion and Function

Both Fashionable and Functional Fall Boots

Review by Cheryl

I love when I can mix fashion and function in footwear. Lugz boots make this the go-to boot for fall and winter. This company has a wide range of shoes and boots for both men and women. My husband and I will be looking fashionable this fall with the bonus of being comfortable!

fall bootsI chose the Women’s Mantle Mid Chukka Boot in Navy Gum by Lugz. The boot looks fantastic with a pair of jeans. I love that I can wear them with a skinny leg or a boot cut style jeans. Running errands, shopping or playing in these Chukka Boots make me feel energized and fashionable.

fall boots

The functioning part of these boots by Lugz is a selling point for me. The Chukka Boot is comfortable enough to wear all day! With a breathable lining, I can go from cool weather outside to a heated home with ease. I believe the best function is the slip resistant rubber outsole. It is important for me to be secure while walking in the wet and icy weather.

My husband chose the Men’s Drifter Zeo Hi Boot in Golden Wheat Cream Gum by Lugz. The boot is the perfect look for a casual day of hiking or even chasing the grandchildren in the park.

fall boots

His boots are perfect for all day use. Lugz’ thoughtful features make sure that the boots are not only good looking but comfortable to wear. This style of boot boasts memory foam insole Anti-Fatigue midsole along with the same slip resistant outsole that my boots have to assure him of safe walking in any weather.

fall bootsMy husband and I will be walking into Fall and Winter looking stylish while also being safe and comfortable. Seldom do I find footwear that meets both fashion and function in such an affordable product. Lugz will be on my go-to list for Christmas shopping, they have something for everyone!

fall boots

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21 thoughts on “Fall Boots for Fashion and Function

  1. Lugz boots are awesome, I love the look and the wide selection that they have! I tend to go for function over fashion, but it is definitely always nice to look good too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the blue boots that you chose! They look warm and comfortable. With as much as I’m clumsy, I love that the boots are slip resistant!

  3. These are seriously really cool looking boots, but im mostly in Love with thr functionality part, because yes they are so nice/chic looking, but they not only walk the walk but talk the talk so to speak. Being a wife and mother, I frequently buy shoes. Its just sort of something ive done alot as my husband and son have needed so anyways, i started nothicing things as they pertain to my husband son and myself and our bank account like buying shoes that wear out fast or not so these things are important to me, and i always say you get what you pay for so if you go cheap you get cheap. Have your shoes wearing out every couple months your definitely going to notice that every time it hits your bank account. I would wear these. Everywhere id like to try them on my daily walks and errands i use nikes for but would love these! Nice review!

  4. I love the slip resistant rubber outsole! I have balance trouble and need something I won’t slip when wearing. They look nice!

  5. These chukka’s are really nice, they are a good style for every day, you don’t have to limit them to hiking or chopping wood. I do like work boot styles, though, as I have a red-flannel shirt so cute with work boots. This style has nice options for color, too, my favorite is also the Navy gum, and muted color that would go with just about everything.

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