Fall Boots for Fashion and Function

Both Fashionable and Functional Fall Boots

Review by Cheryl

I love when I can mix fashion and function in footwear. Lugz boots make this the go-to boot for fall and winter. This company has a wide range of shoes and boots for both men and women. My husband and I will be looking fashionable this fall with the bonus of being comfortable!

fall bootsI chose the Women’s Mantle Mid Chukka Boot in Navy Gum by Lugz. The boot looks fantastic with a pair of jeans. I love that I can wear them with a skinny leg or a boot cut style jeans. Running errands, shopping or playing in these Chukka Boots make me feel energized and fashionable.

fall boots

The functioning part of these boots by Lugz is a selling point for me. The Chukka Boot is comfortable enough to wear all day! With a breathable lining, I can go from cool weather outside to a heated home with ease. I believe the best function is the slip resistant rubber outsole. It is important for me to be secure while walking in the wet and icy weather.

My husband chose the Men’s Drifter Zeo Hi Boot in Golden Wheat Cream Gum by Lugz. The boot is the perfect look for a casual day of hiking or even chasing the grandchildren in the park.

fall boots

His boots are perfect for all day use. Lugz’ thoughtful features make sure that the boots are not only good looking but comfortable to wear. This style of boot boasts memory foam insole Anti-Fatigue midsole along with the same slip resistant outsole that my boots have to assure him of safe walking in any weather.

fall bootsMy husband and I will be walking into Fall and Winter looking stylish while also being safe and comfortable. Seldom do I find footwear that meets both fashion and function in such an affordable product. Lugz will be on my go-to list for Christmas shopping, they have something for everyone!

fall boots

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79 thoughts on “Fall Boots for Fashion and Function

  1. Lugz boots are awesome, I love the look and the wide selection that they have! I tend to go for function over fashion, but it is definitely always nice to look good too. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love, love all my boots for the season! I don’t have any Lugz but they look very nice.

  3. Lugz boots are wonderful!! Their quality is amazing. I always look forward to the fall because we all get new boots.

  4. these are my husband’s favorite brand of boots. i like them to but i also am a big fan of timberland.

  5. I have a pair of Lugz boot and they are super comfy. Mine are really more for the snow but they are really warm.

  6. I love the blue boots that you chose! They look warm and comfortable. With as much as I’m clumsy, I love that the boots are slip resistant!

  7. These are seriously really cool looking boots, but im mostly in Love with thr functionality part, because yes they are so nice/chic looking, but they not only walk the walk but talk the talk so to speak. Being a wife and mother, I frequently buy shoes. Its just sort of something ive done alot as my husband and son have needed so anyways, i started nothicing things as they pertain to my husband son and myself and our bank account like buying shoes that wear out fast or not so these things are important to me, and i always say you get what you pay for so if you go cheap you get cheap. Have your shoes wearing out every couple months your definitely going to notice that every time it hits your bank account. I would wear these. Everywhere id like to try them on my daily walks and errands i use nikes for but would love these! Nice review!

  8. I love the slip resistant rubber outsole! I have balance trouble and need something I won’t slip when wearing. They look nice!

  9. I got Lugz for my niece and they were really nice. They have such pretty styles and colors.

  10. I love that the boots have Memory Foam. That means alot on tired aching feet and legs. Would love to try a pair.

  11. I love Lugz. I have a pair of the Mallard boots. They are super comfortable. I also like your choices!

  12. These chukka’s are really nice, they are a good style for every day, you don’t have to limit them to hiking or chopping wood. I do like work boot styles, though, as I have a red-flannel shirt so cute with work boots. This style has nice options for color, too, my favorite is also the Navy gum, and muted color that would go with just about everything.

  13. The fact that there is a breathable lining is what really caught my eye. Sometime I tend to over heat and it is great that the feet are comfortable.

  14. Lugz boots are stylish and comfortable. They are always on my wish list for my birthday and Christmas. I love to hike.

  15. These boots look super comfortable and would be perfect for the winter. I love that they come in different colors.

  16. These books look really nice. I like the slip resistant rubber outsole a lot because I like shoes with a grip.

  17. These are really nice looking boots– I love the colors they can come in–and either steel toed or not–I am impressed about the durability and quality fter chcking on these further. Thanks for chance

  18. I have at least 3 or 4 pairs of lugz boots bookmarked in my wish list and one pair of mocs, they all look really nice and comfortable.

  19. I love the nonslip soles. I am healing from 4 broken ribs from a fall. With winter approaching I need safe shoes to wear in rain, ice, and snow.

  20. I really like the clean look and design of the Lugz footwear. It looks well made and constructed to last — major requirements for me when I look at getting new footwear.

  21. I have seriously always wanted a pair of Lugz boots. I’ve tried winning them for a long time. I’m certainly crossing my fingers and toes on this one! They are so pretty, and as you said, they go with everything. I love how they look with jeans too! Happy Holidays everyone!

  22. I love these boots so much,the style,the way they look and they look warm and functional for the stormy winter months.

  23. Especially as we get older, having a functioning shoe that prevents falls and slips in the bad weather is really important. Lugz has designed shoes that are so comfortable yet high functioning! They look great with jeans and yet you can go from walking, to shoveling snow to inside – very versatile! Comfy on your feet is such a great plus!

  24. Really love the versatility with this boots. You can dress them up or down. They look like they’d be really comfortable, too!

  25. These boots look so stylish and comfortable! I need a pair of sturdy boots since having some serious foot issues!

  26. I love the dark boots with the with the lugz sole. I kind of want to get a matching set for my family sometime for when we go out hiking.

  27. I really like that these are really functional but they don’t have as bulky of a look as some other type boots and I could see wearing them year round.

  28. The breathable lining and comfort makes these a perfect choice that can be worn all day. The color choice makes this an added bonus with these.

  29. I haven’t got a pair yet but I would like to try them, I need the slip resistant soles for walking in this fall weather with all the slippery leaves on the trails. They look so good too.

  30. My daughter loves her Lugz, she has the purple and white ones potion I think the color was called. She has received many compliments since she got them, they are her school colors and she wears them in the fall and winter months as they are warm and comfortable.

  31. I really like that these have a memory foam insole as I am sure that makes them very comfortable to wear.

  32. I love that the boots are water resistance and contain a tri-sole. I injured my foot a couple of years ago and had to have surgery for a fallen arch along with tarsal tunnel. These boots look very nice, they are comfortable, practical, and offer the support I need.

  33. Lugz boots serve several purposes. I like the fact they are functional for my outdoor activities while being stylish at the same time.

  34. These are beautiful! They look as though they’d be really comfortable. Great for walking in and not out of place in the city, too. I’m quite a minimalist, so always looking for things like that

  35. This is a great review. I worry about how well boots hold up in the elements and how comfortable they are. Love the style, too.

  36. Love the style and look of these lugz boots they are made tough so you can wear them for everyday use and for comfort

  37. I had a pair of Lugz that I wore on a regular basis for about 6 years. I had to replace the insoles a couple of times but those boots held up so well. I’m looking forward to trying these new ones with the cushy insole.

  38. I am quite fond of Lugz footwear. Stylish, durable, comfortable…what more could you ask for?

  39. I live in Maine and am outside all the time with my children I would wear these for anything

  40. Fashion and function says it! I can see these to be great for hiking in and that I’d look good in them while doing it!

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