Activities With A Fairy Garden

How to Enjoy Your Fairy Garden

Who hasn’t dreamed of secret worlds, magical beings that come alive in the forests, and believed that fairy tales were real? I know that I did! I was convinced, thanks to my aunt, that little people lived inside the walls of my grandparents’ house. I would secretly take a few home with me whenever I would visit. In my mind, even though I couldn’t see these magical beings, they were very real to me. I would spend time making secret beds for them, and I believe that I even left them crumbs a few times when I thought that they were hungry.

Fairy Garden

Although my belief in these invisible beings didn’t last very long my love for storytelling and imagination has lived well past the days of my youth. I love to travel to other lands and back in history through books.

Fairy Garden

I even find myself looking around on hikes in the forests and thinking to myself how magical a specific place looks – like a place that fairies and their friends would inhabit.

Fairy Garden

Flower Fairy Secret Garden sets allow for children, and adults, to travel into their imagination and get in touch with nature, all the while allowing their creativity to flow in unlimited ways.

Fairy Garden

Here are a few ideas as to how you and your child can enjoy the Fairy Garden Collection:

1. Read a favorite storybook and act out the book using the fairy garden. One of our favorite stories to act out is The Three Little Pigs. You can act out The Three Little Fairies instead. Retelling the tale also encourages the child to show the parent that they comprehend the story and can quickly change the characters to adapt it to the surroundings.

Fairy Garden

2. Go on a nature walk and gather particular objects to design a fairy house or village in your yard when you return. Talk to your child about the different findings and where they came from – where did the pinecone that you are using for a tree come from and why was it on the ground instead of in a tree? Find and identify rocks and makeup tales of what the stones may have “seen” during their time on the ground.

Fairy Garden

3. Get creative with scraps of fabric that you have laying around the house. Turn an old t-shirt into a fairy tent or a new outfit for your fairies. You can make hammocks, canopies, tablecloth covers, pillows, and blankets out of old pillowcases or sheets. An old box can be covered in moss or rocks to make a house for the fairies. A soda bottle can be cut down and made into a “house in a hill”. The possibilities are endless!

Fairy Garden

The Flower Fairy Secret Garden set holds endless fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike!

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