Cool Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors With Your Dog: A Cooling Vest and More

cooling vest
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Many dogs need regular exercise in order to remain healthy and content; however, extreme temperatures can pose serious threats for them.

There are ways to make outdoor activities more pleasant for both of you. Cooling vests may help prevent heat stroke by evaporating water; other strategies include scheduling walks early morning and late afternoon and visiting shaded parks.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests for dogs help them maintain an optimal temperature by reflecting heat back out into the environment and absorbing it through fabric, while UV-resisting technology offers additional UV protection and is lightweight so as not to weigh dogs down or cause them to overheat. 

Cooling vests can help your pup remain cooler and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. This is why a dog cooling vest works best in dry environments where water can evaporate more effectively from their surface. It is important to plan for the heat whenever you have your furry friend along.

Simply soak and wring the vest with water before placing it on your dog – the cooling effect should last several hours! Be sure to choose a cooling vest that is sized correctly for your dog. Models with easily accessible snap closure make it easy to outfit your pup for a walk. 


Bandanas can add flair and functionality to your pet’s look, as well as provide many practical uses, from headbands and trail marking to providing back-up firestarting tinder during emergency situations. Some bandanas even come equipped with pockets so you can carry treats for your pup!

Pet bandanas made of microfiber polyester are machine-washable and dryer safe, providing easy care. Furthermore, these pet accessories come in various designs, colors, and sizes to meet your pup’s style!


Swimming can be an enjoyable way to unwind for both humans and dogs alike, while at the same time improving health. 

Hydrotherapy has long been used as part of physical rehabilitation programs for humans; studies have also indicated its beneficial properties when applied to dogs with hip or joint issues. Plus, swimming together makes for a fun family activity! You can click here to learn more.

Public pools that welcome dogs can be difficult to come by, while many pups may be reluctant to swim on their own without an encouraging owner present. 

Pools designed specifically for pets offer the ideal solution; often smaller in size and designed specifically to allow dogs access with no assistance necessary – even those without ramps or steps for their safety may come equipped with features designed specifically to make swimming safe for them.

Swimming can be an enjoyable low-impact activity for your pup on hotter days, particularly with gradually introducing them to water by throwing floating toys progressively farther. When they feel comfortable enough in the water, start gradually increasing distance until they can take full advantage of it.

When selecting a pool for your pet, look for materials that can withstand claws and rough play. PVC is often an excellent material choice and many foldable dog pools feature this material to make use and storage convenient. Some even fold down to an easy portable size complete with a carrying bag for on-the-go water fun!


As temperatures heat up, make sure your dog has ample shade during their outdoor activities. Overexposure to direct sunlight could easily result in overheating for them. Heat can also damage their paws; you can click the link: for more information.

Bring your pup along to a dog park that features splash pads or sprinklers and enjoy some extra sunshine together with their furry pals! They’ll have plenty of fun cooling off while making new memories.

Hiking is another fantastic outdoor activity to help keep your dog stimulated and fit. Find a trail that best matches their abilities and stamina, then head off on an exciting expedition! There will be lots of new sights and scents for them to discover that could spark their senses into high gear!

Fishing with your dog may also be enjoyable if they’re comfortable around the water and can swim, provided that a life vest is used and your pup sticks to areas with safe, calm conditions.

As summer heat waves spread across many parts of the United States, pet owners need to protect their dogs from extreme temperatures by keeping them cool. Doing this may reduce illness risk due to parasites that thrive in warm environments.

Even when temperatures are too warm to walk your dog regularly, providing them with exercise is still vital to their mental and physical wellbeing. Be sure to limit intense activities during peak heat times; instead opt for more moderate or less strenuous walks during early morning or evening when temperatures tend to be more comfortable. Also try leaving water out for them all day long or giving them small ice cubes during walks for extra cooling effect.

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