Encouraging a Kindergartener to Play Creatively

Five can be a tough age. Changes happen around that age due to transitioning from preschool fun times to a more structured kindergarten year. That can cause a shift in your child’s ability to imagine like they did when things were a little more carefree.

Kindergartener to Play Creatively

Starting school can be overwhelming for a little five-year-old’s mind. Their minds which were once all about play are now transitioning to having to do worksheets and sit still for longer periods of time. During that transition, it is easy for a child to forget how to just have fun and use their imagination. Here are some ways that you can help a kindergartener do well in school yet continue to explore their imagination.

Get Outside With Nature

One great way to encourage creativity is to get outside and explore nature. Nature is a great provider of inspiration for creative minds. Have your child look for different shapes in the clouds or listen to the different sounds that different animals make. Taking walks through nature can help improve focus and allow a kindergartener to take a break from all of the new school material.

Draw and Create

Another way to encourage creativity is to have your child draw and create. This can be anything from doodling during downtime to making a model of their dream home. Just the act of creating something can help a kindergartener’s mind stay active and imaginative.

Be Imaginative In Playtime

Lastly, continue to be imaginative in playtime. This is the time when a child’s mind is most fertile for creativity. Let them pretend to be different animals or characters and just have fun with it. They will start to see that their imagination is a powerful tool that they can use in all aspects of their life.

Toys that can help foster creativity in five-year-olds:

  • coloring books
  • painting supplies
  • modeling clay
  • construction blocks
  • dolls and action figures
  • pretend kitchen supplies
  • scavenger hunt items like binoculars, magnifying glasses, and a notepad to write down what they find
  • a camera to take pictures of their creations


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Kindergartener to Play Creatively 

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Conclusion on a Kindergartener Using Their Imagination

Creativity is key to success in any field, so helping a five-year-old foster their creativity is important. By getting outside, drawing, and being imaginative in playtime, you can help your kindergartener stay creative and thrive in their new school year.

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