Emerson Creek Pottery – Large Ceramic Casserole Dish

Being in the kitchen is inevitable as an adult unless you eat out all the time or have your own chef. Let’s get real, for most of us, that can’t happen for two reasons… health and finances. Now, having a LOVE for being in the kitchen might not be true for everyone. When you start taking pride in what you make, you will begin to love being in the kitchen more often. Emerson Creek Pottery will add pride to your cooking with its beautiful dishes. 

Emerson Creek Pottery

It isn’t just the beauty… it’s the taste. I am a perfectionist. Sometimes that is a good thing but other times…. it isn’t the best thing! I am one to take great pride in my cooking. Not that I am a great cook but I try to perfect the dishes I make as well as try new things. One thing I have struggled with though has been getting a perfectly even bake throughout my dishes. 

You know, it always seemed like the edges would be too done and the inside of the dish would be just a little undercooked. Neither of which looks OR tastes great! That was until I received the Large Ceramic Casserole Dish from Emerson Creek. 

Emerson Creek Pottery

About the Emerson Creek Pottery Large Ceramic Casserole Dish

This casserole dish, as well as its other products, is made with non-toxic clay in the USA. This particular dish holds one and a half quarts and measures 12 inches long by 8 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Emerson Creek Pottery

I chose the Copper Clay color but they have a variety of colors/designs. The dish is very easy to clean since the glaze used makes the inside smooth and shiny. 

Benefits of Using Ceramic Bakeware

  • Toxins – Copper and Aluminum bakeware release metal into the food, especially if the food is acidic. Ceramic bakeware creates a cleaner taste and is much safer than other dishes.
  • Even Bake – Ceramic bakeware holds heat well. This allows the heat to be distributed more evenly throughout the dish to cook foods much more efficiently.
  • Durability –  Since ceramic bakeware is heated at extremely high temperatures when it is made, it is capable of withstanding the highest level of heat your oven can possibly generate. Also, they tend to be much thicker which allows them to withstand the accidents and wear that occur during typical daily use.
  • Looks – Most everyone will agree that pottery is much more beautiful than other dishes you would buy. It adds character to your dish! 
Macaroni and Cheese

I made my Homemade Macaroni and Cheese in it last night and it came out PERFECT! MMMMM Delicious! Check out that recipe HERE!

As you are searching for Mother’s Day gifts, consider Emerson Creek Pottery! 

32 Replies to “Emerson Creek Pottery – The Benefits of Ceramic Bakeware #Review”

  1. handmade pottery is my fave thing to cook and eat with 🙂 love this dish!

  2. Emerson Creek Pottery has some really pretty dishes and would make any meal beautiful! I’m really loving the color in the photos, so pretty. I know what’s going on my Christmas list.

  3. My mil..has collectable pottery friends the 30s, 40s and 50s..that I drool over.
    She uses daily Leland it does make a big difference in her cooking. Delicious!
    I’d love my own piece.
    And, my DH loves Mac and. Hesse..yours looks heavenly.
    Thanks..I’m a newbie follower today

  4. It’s so pretty! I would love to have a nice casserole dish like this one.

  5. Very nice looking dish! And the perfect size. This would be a great addition to my kitchen

  6. Emerson Creek has such gorgeous pottery/dishes. I love their Dogwood pattern the best, I think.

  7. Thank you for sharing. I would love to have a set of this kind of pottery. This is very nice.

  8. i knwo the cookware i use is improtant and i am trying to save up for some great stuff… this looks amnazing

  9. Just a gorgeous piece of pottery! I would love baking a Chicken Pie in this casserole dish. Like the fact that ceramic bakeware gives food a cleaner taste along with it being healthier for us to use. Thanks for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe!

  10. The quality of Emerson Creek Pottery cannot be beat! It is beautifully made and will last and last!!

  11. I have an Emerson Creek mug and I love their pieces! They do beautiful work! I cant wait to try your macaroni and cheese recipe! My family will devour it!

  12. Wow, Emerson Creeks ceramic bakeware is beautiful! I love cooking with ceramic because it is natural and there are no metals going into my families food.

  13. I love this dish! I love that it bakes more even and there are no metals going into the food. Amazing bakeware!

  14. This is really a lovely casserole dish. I have heard good things of ceramic cookware. I don’t own any yet.

  15. Ceramic bakeware is the best. It’s the kind of thing that gets passed down generations in the kitchen.

  16. I take pride in my cooking too. I like to serve up my dishes looking nice because I believe we eat with our eyes. This dish evenly cooks and would be a great addition to any kitchen cooking routine.

  17. I love the look of this dish. So warm and homey. I think it is perfect for all the comfort food dishes my family loves

  18. I really love this dish including the beautiful color. I have heard some really nice things about this company.

  19. I love this copper color. This is about the right size for almost any meals…or dessert.

  20. The Emerson Creek Pottery Large Ceramic Casserole Dish in the copper color is really nice looking. I like that it will hold up to high heat, then go from oven to table (on a trivet of course!) for serving. And it’s so much nicer to look at than those clear glass dishes.

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